Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

The Gentle Barn Animals

Karma - Cow - California

Karma was rescued from a cruelty case where she had no food, water, or shelter, and enormous stress. When we first brought her home she cried incessantly all through that first day and night. In the morning she was dripping…

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Athena - Cow - California

Athena was rescued from severe abuse and neglect. When we saved her she had a very sad, broken spirit. After years of good food, water, shelter, and a lot of love, Athena has let her past go and now loves to get hugs from…

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Roy - Cow - California

Roy was rescued from a cattle company in Texas, where he was taken away from his mom when he was born and put into a veal crate. With no love and nothing to live for, he got very sick. When we brought him home he had wracking…

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Serenity - Cow - California

Serenity was rescued from slaughter. She has never encountered a kind human before. She is absolutely terrified, but one day she will trust, one day her heart will feel joy, and one day we will hug her and she will know…

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Forgiveness - Cow - California

Forgiveness was born to the dairy industry and taken away from his mom at birth so his milk could be stolen by humans. He was put into a veal crate to be processed for veal. By the time he was sent to slaughter at 8 weeks…

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Lucy - Cow - California

Lucy was raised on a private ranch as a pet, but not given much attention. When the ranch shut down she was going to be sent to slaughter but was given to us instead. She loves attention and hugs and even and poses for…

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Madonna - Cow - California

Madonna was taken away from her mom at birth and chained so she couldn't walk. To make her get into the truck to slaughter she was stabbed with a pitchfork. When we brought her home to The Gentle Barn she was emaciated,…

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Crystal - Cow - California

Crystal was taken away from her mom at a day old, so people could drink her moms breast milk. Crystal was then put into a veal crate and sent to slaughter at 8 weeks old where we rescued her at the last minute. She was…

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Tia - Cow - California

Tia was rescued from a backyard butcher where she was kept in horrendous conditions. She had open sores and was filthy and infested with parasites when we got her. After months of rehabilitation Tia is now healthy and…

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Ferdinand - Cow - California

Ferdinand was brought to us as an orphan at eight weeks old. He was scared, sad, and sick. We all took four hour shifts throughout the day and night so he was not alone for the first thirty days, until he trusted people.…

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Fiona - Cow - California

Fiona was a tiny baby born to a roping cow mom. She was oblivious to the suffering and stress around her and was innocent and alive. We took her home to stay together with her mom and keep her innocence and her love of…

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Bob - Cow - California

Bob was rescued from a cattle Co in Texas where he was taken away from his mom when he was born and put into a veal crate. He got very sick and almost died. We drove there and saved him and three others so they could live…

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Rosita - Cow - California

Rosita was at a slaughterhouse in line to be slaughtered. The entire time she was being prodded to keep moving down the line, she was in labor, and gave birth right there on the kill floor. In a miraculous act of compassion,…

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Faith - Cow - California

Faith was rescued from the dairy industry. She was taken away from her mom at only a day old so the breast milk she needed could be taken for humans, put into a veal crate, and while she was there had untreated conjunctivitis…

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Aretha - Cow - California

Aretha was rescued from being eaten. She was so frightened when we brought her home to The Gentle Barn, sure that we would fulfill her old owners intentions. We kept telling her that she will get to live here with us for…

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Mercy - Cow - California

Mercy was rescued with 3 other calves from a cattle co. in Texas. They were taken away from their moms at birth and put into veal crates, where if they lived 8 weeks they would have been slaughtered for veal. We traveled…

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Holy - Cow - California

Holy Cow was taken away from her mom at birth and stomped so she couldn't walk. When we rescued her she could not get up and she was very sick. With chiropractic treatments several times a week, great vet care and lots…

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Eugene - Cow - California

Baby Eugene is innocent and completely oblivious of where they were and what almost befell them, but it’ll most likely take a long time for Rosita to recover and learn to trust humans. Rosita his mother was at a slaughterhouse…

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