Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

The Gentle Barn Animals

Penny - Pig - Missouri

Penny was a tiny baby when she fell off a truck on her way to a bad place. Her tail had been docked and she had a tattoo on her ear. A man driving down the busy highway saw Penny on the side of the road and, not knowing…

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Ella - Pig - Missouri

Ella fell off of a truck and was running around a truck stop in Kansas desperately looking for someone to help her. Ella was scared, malnourished, and scraped up, Luckily Ella found a family who were driving in an RV…

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Dream - Pig - Tennessee

We got Dream from a woman who could not keep or care for her. Fearing that she would end up slaughtered, we took her in. Dream was scared of everything and everyone and it took a lot of patience and love to show her that…

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Jellie - Pig - California

Jellie was rescued from an abusive petting zoo where she had mange and sunburn and was being taken away from her mother way before she could eat solid food. We brought her here to bottle feed, heal, and teach her how to…

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Petunia - Pig - Missouri

Petunia was found running around on the side of the road. There were several pig farms nearby so she most likely escaped. A family driving by took her in and raised her as a pet but soon realized that raising a fast growing…

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Lillie - Pig - Tennessee

A hero was at a gas station and saw a truck full of baby pigs that were going to be fattened up for slaughter. He could see that the piglets were hot and dehydrated and noticed one at the very back who was the smallest,…

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Rose - Pig - Missouri

Rose was raised on a pig farm for slaughter, but during a flood she was swept away and luckily washed onto shore. A nearby family took her in and raised her as a pet. But when she grew too big planned to send her to slaughter…

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Henry - Pig - Tennessee

Henry was rescued from slaughter. He was scared of people at first but after a few days he settled in nicely and learned to trust us. He now rolls over for tummy rubs, comes running when he sees us, is always playing,…

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Honey Bear - Pig - California

Honey Bear was found by animal control wandering the streets. He was 200 pounds underweight, injured and scared. After he healed a while at the animal shelter, we were asked to bring him home to The Gentle Barn. Honey…

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Zeus - Pig - California

Zeus was born at a county fair and when it closed he was going to be sent to slaughter along with all the other animals there. He was saved instead and brought home to The Gentle Barn. Zeus is kind to visitors and gentle…

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