Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

The Gentle Barn Animals

Whisper - Horse - California

Whisper was severely abused. When we brought her home she had cigar burns on her flanks, her chest was rubbed raw, and she had two holes on either side of her belly from being kicked by spurs. We spent four years healing…

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Worthy - Horse - Tennessee

Worthy was born with a deformed leg and was kept by someone who could not afford to feed her, let alone to give her the surgery she needed. She hobbled along for a year and by the time we found her she was grossly underweight,…

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Hiroka - Horse - California

Hiroka means bold, beautiful child which describes this angel perfectly. We call her Hero for short because when we rescued her she was skin and bones, sick, weak, and scared, but the minute we took her out of the horse…

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Caesar - Horse - California

Caesar was a movie horse for 15 years, but it was not glamorous for him at all. He was trained with a heavy hand and expected to be perfect. Afraid to make a mistake, Caesar eventually shut down and withdrew, hopeless…

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Princess Pebble - Horse - Tennessee

Princess Pebble was grossly neglected for many years, left alone to wander the neighborhood eating from peoples lawns with no company or proper care. Her hooves were wildly overgrown causing inflammation, deformity, and…

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Ruby - Horse - California

Ruby was willed to us with her mate, Monty who has since passed away of old age, when their person passed away. Their mom loved them very much and we promised to take very good care of them for her. Ruby gets acupuncture,…

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Chris - Horse - Tennessee

Chris was rescued along with our horses, Indie and Worthy from gross neglect. When we rescued them he was underweight, malnourished, had overgrown hooves, rotten teeth, skin fungus, and was terrified of people. It took…

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Daisy - Horse - Tennessee

When we opened The Gentle Barn Tennessee, Daisy was our landlords horse and in a pasture just beyond our property line. She was all alone and would pace her fence line all day long crying out to our horses and longing…

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Magic - Horse - California

Magic was taken away from his mom very young and crammed in with adult horses to be sold. Terrified, he prepared to die. Fortunately we were able to get him to the Gentle Barn to heal. It took us a long time to get the…

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Sasha - Horse - California

Sasha was ridden by an extremely impatient person who did not give her enough time to figure out what she was being asked to do. Every time she made a mistake she was hit, so eventually she froze completely. We worked…

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Indie - Horse - Tennessee

Indie was saved along with our other horses, Chris and Worthy from gross neglect. They were all underweight, malnourished, and terrified of humans. Indie was the mother figure for the three horses, so when Worthy went…

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Zoe - Horse - California

Zoe was rescued with her twin brother, Lazar, from the Premarin industry. They survived four times when they shouldn't have; they were born twins, born in a pasture that was 20 degrees below zero, taken away from their…

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Willy Wonka - Horse - California

Willy Wonka was a jumping horse who worked very hard for his people, winning awards all over the world. As he got older, his body began to break down until finally he collapsed in the middle of a show. Thankfully he had…

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Bonsai - Horse - California

Bonsai lived with an alcoholic woman for the first 6 years of his life. When she was sober all was good, but when she was drunk Bonsai would get punched in the face. At 6 years old, he decided he would never trust humans…

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Sir Lancelot - Horse - California

Sir Lancelot was grossly underweight, lame and almost ridden to death. He was taken away from his abusers by the LAPD and Los Angeles Animal Control. Sir Lancelot was scheduled to be euthanized and at the last minute an…

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Andrew - Horse - California

Andrew was kept as a stud for most of his life to breed and make money for his people. When he was too old to breed they abandoned him in a ravine to die. The animal shelter found him and because he was 25 years old, lame,…

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