Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

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Love animals? Out of school? Bored at home?

Join us at The Gentle Barn for some fun, learning, and virtual outdoor adventures all while following the Next Generation Science Standards. In our 10-week OnDemand course we'll learn all about cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, llamas, and emus. We'll discover what they eat, how they play, how they communicate, and how their bodies work. We’ll spend time in the garden discovering how all animals need food in order to live and grow. We'll spend time with our rescued animals who were pregnant and have had babies at The Gentle Barn and discover the behavior that helped their offspring survive. Then we'll spend time in our vegetable garden and pollinator garden and learn how animals and plants need each other to live and grow. We’ll spend time with our horses and cows and see how being a part of a group helps animals obtain food, defend themselves, and cope with change. We’ll learn how animals process information, rely on each other, flirt with each other, date and marry, change over time, and how we can help protect our environment and the animals that live here with us.

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    “Children trained to extend justice, kindness, and mercy to animals, become more kind, just, and considerate in their relations to each other. Character training along these lines will result in men and women of broader sympathies; more humane, more law abiding, in every aspect, more valuable citizens.” - National PTA Congress

    "The hours we spent at The Gentle Barn were some of the most 'teachable moments' I've come across in my 17 years as an educator. The children learned about the animals, of course, but they also learned a great deal about themselves, and were challenged to think in a new and different light than before." - Sierra Canyon Middle School

    "As an educator, I strongly believe in what The Gentle Barn is doing. They are providing our community with a hands-on experience that is not only thought provoking but stimulates social and emotional growth as well. It teaches them first hand how to be empathetic and compassionate. The Gentle Barn is as valuable a place for the children who visit as it is for the animals who receive the attention there." - Westmark School

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Fall classes are now full. Please check back in the spring for new classes and more.

*These programs are intended to be an instructional aid to teachers and home schooling parents. The staff at The Gentle Barn, while following the Next Generations Science Standards, do not represent themselves as licensed teachers. It is the job of the adult providing access to make sure that proper curriculum is followed while teaching the student.