Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Our Newly Rescued Baby Boy Cow Needs A Name

Baby cow rescued during COVID-19.

Help Name The Newly Rescued Baby Boy Cow

To put in a suggested name we ask a $10 donation. You may make as many suggested names as you like. Name will be chosen by draw of hat.

Naming will end at 12pm pst on Aug 4th and announced during Tuesday Tuck-In on Facebook and Instagram at 6pm pst

Guidelines For Name Submission

We'd like to give the baby a very special name and we need your help. We wish to call him by the very qualities that we are trying to create for animals everywhere, like Justice, Peace, Love, Honor, Freedom, Glory, and Promise. Please submit one of these names or a name like these with a $10 donation which will go towards their care. Through the naming, you will have a chance to leave a legacy at The Gentle Barn in honor or memory of someone, be part of their homecoming and their healing, and send much-needed love through your name submission. Please be a part of their gentle family!

Item(s); $
*Only appropriate name(s) will qualify and The Gentle Barn reserves the right to exclude any names it does not feel are appropriate without refund.

NEW RESCUE: In case you missed our live videos, we got a call about a mother cow who had given birth a week ago on the slaughterhouse floor. We were devastated to learn the mother was very sick and didn’t make it, but we’re thankful we were able to bring the baby here—even under very difficult circumstances.

The baby is now with us at The Gentle Barn’s, Sun Chlorella USA Healing Center with Patsy and Light, and his ear tag is gone, but he has many things stacked against him. He has pneumonia like David and Victory did. And he was in the slaughterhouse for a week with a sick mom and a compromised immune system.

Without a mom, this baby cow has a slim chance of making it. We consulted with our two bovine experts and they supported us bringing him to Light to see if she will adopt him. Patsy already loves him but she has no milk, and Light isn't nursing him just yet.

He’s drinking so many bottles of milk and running and jumping around but the moms still won’t let him nurse. This might not work but we are doing everything we can to give him a chance at survival. If he’s able to pull through this, he’ll have the most amazing life here waiting for him.