Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

The Gentle Barn: The Inside Scoop


The Gentle Barn is something that I believe in with my entire being and am whole-heartedly committed to. I have been with The Gentle Barn for almost 6 years and, after working as a volunteer for 2 years, I am now lucky enough to call this place my job, family, and home.


Gentle Barn: The Inside Scoop


I have volunteered in the upper barnyard at the Gentle Barn for over 3 years. I work a shift during the week. I particularly enjoy this time because it is quiet and peaceful, usually just me and the animals. Many of the goats and sheep come up to be petted and stroked - they are…

Gentle Barn: The Inside Scoop


After visiting with my husband on a Sunday three years ago, I became a volunteer in the upper barnyard at The Gentle Barn. I left the corporate entertainment world and although I've always been volunteering for many causes human and animal, when I heard…

Gentle Barn: The Inside Scoop


Volunteering at the Gentle Barn has been one of the best and most rewarding decisions of my life. When I started 3 years ago as a volunteer horse groomer, Ellie patiently taught me how to pamper their amazing horses with a calming, gentle touch. As the horses began to honor…

A Hero Comes To Visit!


Last Sunday, the weather was perfect! The sky was a stunning blue, there was a fresh breeze, the sun was shining, and we had a few hundred visitors from all over the world who came to hug our cows, give the pigs tummy rubs, feed our horses, and cuddle our turkey,…

Gentle Barn: The Inside Scoop


Let me start off by saying that I don’t apologize for the length of this; it’s worth all of my words and then some...

I’ve been working at The Gentle Barn, and The Healing Center, for almost 2 years now. I’m a psychology major that’s working toward obtaining my doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology…

We Have Come A Long Way!


The Gentle Barn was my dream since I was seven-years old. Animals were always my best friends and confidantes when I was a small child and when I grew up I wanted to have a place to heal animals and love them as they have always healed and loved me. I started The Gentle Barn…

Jesse is a Hero


In January 2008, we rescued over 200 dogs from a hoarder that were left for dead in a never-ending sea of cages. Many of them were either injured or sick. We had 24 puppies who had Parvo and upon examining the weakest one, the vet said that we should just put all of…

Volunteer of the Month: Molli

I (Ellie Laks) founded The Gentle Barn in 1999 and two years later Jay Weiner came to volunteer. After a year we fell in love, got married and now work side by side to save animals and heal at-risk, inner city and special needs children to create a more peaceful world for humans and animals alike. We have…

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At Tomato Joe’s, we’ve had the privilege of seeing the bounty of Ellie and Jay’s important work blossom over the
years and we’re as excited as ever to watch their heart-warming story continue. We discovered The Gentle Barn
years ago when local food developer Angel McNall was working with our newly opened pizza shop developing her
amazing Vegan cheese that would ultimately become known to all as Follow Your Heart Mozzarella. After we
introduced the first Vegan pizza in SCV, we really had to fight hard to keep that dream going. It was the Gentle
Barn’s support and partnership that gave us the impetus to keep the dream alive in those challenging early days.
Ellie and Jay are such passionate and committed souls, and their mission is unequivocally improving our World,
one beautiful creature at a time! We are most proud sponsors and friends of The Gentle Barn.
“Tomato Joe” Brown,
Long Time SCV Peep & Founder
Tomato Joe’s Pizza & Taps Restaurant, Canyon Country

Tomato Joe’s offers a variety of delicious vegan options for pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and appetizers.