Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

The Inside Scoop: Jill in California

A Gentle giant in many ways. I am honored to be Biscuit's Volunteer caregiver on Sunday’s. My introduction to The Gentle Barn, CA was on Mother's Day in 2015. I found an ad for The Gentle Barn on the last page of magazine called "Live Happy.”…

The Inside Scoop: Dianne in Tennessee

I began following The Gentle Barn in 2011. I fell in love with all the animals, and I learned all their stories. Ellie became my new hero, and I admired her immensely. She was living her life the way I'd always dreamed of living mine. I grew up with chickens, rabbits, rats, birds, crabs, fish, dogs,…

The Inside Scoop: Sara in California

My first visit to The Gentle Barn was about a year ago after a move to California from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I had been vegan for a number of years and like many others, was a huge fan of The Gentle Barn on Facebook. It wasn’t until I was able to visit, however, that I saw the true impact…

The Inside Scoop: Megan in California

When I first started to volunteer at the Gentle Barn, I did it to just try it out. I originally didn't have a certain animal I wanted to work with, but after a few weeks of volunteering, I found my love for goats. I continue to volunteer for…

The Inside Scoop: Kellen in Tennessee

Like many of the volunteers at the Gentle Barn Tennessee, I was a fan of the Gentle Barn in California before I ever dreamed that there would be a location opened in Knoxville. I was touched by the stories of the animals who found sanctuary at…

Christmas Gifts

Five years ago we were given 250 toys left over in a warehouse just before Christmas. At The Gentle Barn we host children living in the projects in South Central Los Angeles who have so little. Thinking of them we loaded all the toys into the back of the Gentle Barn pickup truck and drove…

The Inside Scoop: Ally Hanshaw

It's Never Too Late for a Second Chance

Everyone will reach a moment in their lives when they feel like they are completely alone and they want to give up on everything. But just because you feel this way…

The Inside Scoop: Susanne

I’ve been an animal lover and advocate for as long as I can remember and, luckily, discovered The Gentle Barn Los Angeles several years ago. A series of challenging situations brought my partner, Jody, and I to Tennessee 14 months ago. I was in a bad car accident and continue to suffer from a TBI which causes constant double/rotating…

The Inside Scoop: Leslie

I have always believed in the power of rescue. From childhood, bringing home countless stray animals, to the present with my current rescues that live with me, I have always felt driven to help an animal in need.

I came to Knoxville seven years ago, alone with my teenage daughter, completely uncertain of where life was leading…

The Inside Scoop: Nicholas Moran

My name is Nicholas Moran, “a.k.a . Hat Guy,” and I have always wanted to become a veterinarian. To me, being a veterinarian is more than just a career, it’s a way for me to connect to animals that are in trouble and need my help. I wanted experience…

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At Tomato Joe’s, we’ve had the privilege of seeing the bounty of Ellie and Jay’s important work blossom over the
years and we’re as excited as ever to watch their heart-warming story continue. We discovered The Gentle Barn
years ago when local food developer Angel McNall was working with our newly opened pizza shop developing her
amazing Vegan cheese that would ultimately become known to all as Follow Your Heart Mozzarella. After we
introduced the first Vegan pizza in SCV, we really had to fight hard to keep that dream going. It was the Gentle
Barn’s support and partnership that gave us the impetus to keep the dream alive in those challenging early days.
Ellie and Jay are such passionate and committed souls, and their mission is unequivocally improving our World,
one beautiful creature at a time! We are most proud sponsors and friends of The Gentle Barn.
“Tomato Joe” Brown,
Long Time SCV Peep & Founder
Tomato Joe’s Pizza & Taps Restaurant, Canyon Country

Tomato Joe’s offers a variety of delicious vegan options for pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and appetizers.