Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other
Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other

Katy's Journey Home


Katy belonged to a loving family and all was well until they moved and abandoned her, tied to a tree in front of a vet’s office. Concerned for her safety and not wanting to see her destroyed, the veterinarians kept Katy for six-years. They tried to adopt her out a few times…



We awoke one morning several months ago to find a small crate at our gate. When we looked closer, we saw that inside…

A Long Drive


Tatti’s family was moving and could not take him with them. He was so sweet that we wanted to make sure he didn’t get left behind at the shelter. So, we agreed to help him find a loving forever home. When…

Sid & Sam


Remember Charlie and Lacey? The senior labs we saved from being euthanized at the animal shelter almost 2 years ago? They had such a great time at The Gentle Barn healing their arthritis and incontinence, being a part of our…



Last week, I received three different emails from three different people asking if we could help save two beautiful senior labs left at the pound because their person was moving and didn’t want to take them with him. My fingers scrolled down to see the attached pictures as my brain screamed,…

Jesse is a Hero


In January 2008, we rescued over 200 dogs from a hoarder that were left for dead in a never-ending sea of cages. Many of them were either injured or sick. We had 24 puppies who had Parvo and upon examining the weakest one, the vet said that we should just put all of…

Happily Ever After in Ohio


About four years ago, there was a pound in Ohio that was keeping the dogs outside in the snow during the winter. The dogs were getting very sick and after a public outcry the authorities in charge decided to euthanize all the dogs…

A Very Difficult Goodbye

Charlie and Lacey left us this week after having the best year of their life. When we rescued them last year, they were 14 years old and were being put down at the animal shelter after living their whole lives in a backyard. They would have been put to sleep at the hands of strangers with fear…

Charlie and Lacey: One Year Later!

Charlie and Lacey were rescued a year ago this month and are doing so well! After living outdoors for 14 years, they are finally in a home where they are loved and adored.

Their therapy continues to support them and enable them to walk and be pain free. They love going for walks and adventures…


Milo was left alone in a backyard for nine whole years because his people got him as a gift and didn’t want him. When the couple got divorced, Milo was going to be sent to the pound but we found out just in time and brought him home to The Gentle Barn to be part of our family instead. Because he was left alone…

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  • Thermal Horizon - Windsong Retreat (Spring 2024)

    May 4th 2024 - The Gentle Barn California

    Let’s come together as a community as we support The Gentle Barn in their endeavor to enrich the lives of abused animals worldwide. Let’s bring our loving hearts, the spirit of opportunity and fill our cups emotionally, spiritually, and physically as we celebrate unity in community by helping these wonderful support animals.

  • Chakra Meditation and Sound Healing (Spring 2024)

    May 18th 2024 - The Gentle Barn California

    Clear, Balance and Align your 7 main Chakras through guided meditation, chanting, and Integrative sound bath. When your chakras are aligned, the energy moves through you more freely, and you can feel in harmony with all aspects of your physical, emotional and spiritual self.

  • Open Sunday in Missouri

    We are excited to be open to the public again on Sunday, at The Gentle Barn: Missouri.

  • Open Sunday in California

    We are excited to be open to the public again on Sunday, at The Gentle Barn: California.

  • Open Sunday in Tennessee

    We are excited to be open to the public again on Sunday, at The Gentle Barn: Tennessee.