Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Team Dudley


We are now in the most critical time for Dudley, getting his leg used to wearing a prosthesis. If we just put it on all day long, his leg will swell and develop blisters. It needs to be put on and taken off so that his leg adjusts…

Dudley- One Green Planet


Dudley's story is spreading all over the world! Have you seen his article in One Green Planet yet? Read it here: 


Team Dudley


Dudley had a spot on the front of his leg that was rubbing raw and creating a bad fit with his prosthesis. Dr. Anderson from the University of Tennessee took x-rays to see what was going on and saw that Dudley was developing abnormal bone growth in that spot created by his original injury. Dudley…

Team Dudley

Dudley is enjoying his stay in the University of Tennessee Large Animal Hospital. He is getting acupuncture and e stim, gaining weight with high quality hay, and being spoiled with yummy treats. He is trusting people more and more and remains curious and joyful. After hobbling on three legs for ten-months, after several…

Team Dudley


Dudley started physical therapy this week and seems very happy. He has received acupuncture that helps control inflammation and pain, and E-stim to help the muscles on his injured leg develop and strengthen. He is getting more friendly and curious by the day. The other day he…

Team Dudley


Dudley had his surgery last week and it went very well. They amputated the damaged tissue and bone, and built him a temporary prosthetic. A mold was made of his leg and shipped to the prosthetic company and they are now creating his permanent prosthesis which will arrive in a month.


Team Dudley


At The Gentle Barn when someone calls and asks for our help, or, we find out about an animal who is suffering and has no one else, we try our best to lend a hand in some way. This week, we got a call from a woman and heard the most horrific story.

A cattle rancher in Tennessee spent…

Dudley In Tennessee

At The Gentle Barn, when someone calls…

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