Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Cuddle Turkeys

I knew boy turkeys loved to show off, but when I rescued my first female turkey I was in for a big surprise. She was white and fluffy and had a pink snood and pink feet. I loved her instantly. Each day when I would go out to do my chores…

Featured Video: Claire & Michelle

This is how we ready our celebrity animals for Thanksgiving!

Much More than a Drum Stick

Several years ago we had a turkey named Chloe who we had rescued from Thanksgiving. Her toes and beak had been cut off with a hot blade, and she was filthy dirty. When she came in, she was very angry. We thought that she would hate people…

Nice Is Not Always Nice

We are a few months into our Peace Enhancement Program for the year and are already in love with the kids. The kids have hugged cows, fed horses, held chickens, and planted a winter vegetable garden. In November, we will introduce the children to our turkeys, and we cannot wait to see what…

Featured Video: Spotlight - Ellie Laks

Cougar News Reporter Vanessa Marcon interviews Ellie Laks, owner and founder of The Gentle Barn.

Goodness Has Already Won

I met a woman the other day. We were talking about animals, politics, and the state of the world from our perspective, and she said to me, “Well, it’s going to be alright because goodness has already won.” I stared at her for awhile trying…

My little Pony

My Little Pony - Rascalina

We don’t usually take in people’s retired horses and that’s what we told her family when they called. But they kept saying that she danced and it intrigued us enough to come out and see her. The first thing that struck me when I met Rascalina was her eyes: soft,…

Las Vegas

We were in Las Vegas during the shooting this week. We saw the beautiful people in their cowboy boots and hats heading to the concert; I am haunted by their images. We heard the shooting and couldn’t understand what it was so we figured it had to be fireworks. The ugly sound of the blasts will be seared in my mind forever. One lost and broken man shook the world forever. Mother Nature’s fury and…

Featured Video: The St. Louis Six at The Gentle Barn MO are doing great!

The St Louis Six at The Gentle Barn Missouri are doing great! Roo and Chico have turned…


We returned to California this week after an amazing grand opening in St. Louis. We sold out to guests from all over the country and they were all smiles, hugs, and warmth. And… the animals loved it! Rosie bathed in her pool, loving the attention while her adoring fans watched. Petunia rolled…

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