Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Curling Up With John Lewis Thunderheart & unHide

John Lewis Loves His unHide Blanket

John Lewis Thunderheart is now three months old and growing bigger every day. He prefers to be outside but is not ready to join the cows by himself yet. So, he hangs out in our backyard, plays with his best friend, Sky, sleeps on a dog bed, comes when I call him, plays with toys, and gives out the best cuddles ever. Every morning I take Sky and Lewis to our upper barnyard to run and explore. Our potbelly pigs, Barry and Humble join us with tails wagging. Every afternoon I take Lewis and Sky to the cow pasture to make new friends. He gallops around and around and comes nose to nose with everyone. The other day Lewis even laid down and meditated with all the other cows, it was so sweet! Lewis is eating more hay and drinking less milk. He is only drinking three big bottles in the morning and three at night. He loves everything that I am eating; bananas, kale, cookies, quinoa, but his favorite are still peaches!

I spend all day with Lewis, and at midnight I have volunteers come till six in the morning so that I can get some sleep. In the summer, camping out with a calf was wonderful! It was warm and comfy outside for our wonderful volunteers. Now that it is fall weather and the night temperatures are dipping into the fifties, it is more challenging for volunteers, but we still need them. Thank goodness for UnHide and their soft, warm blankets. Our volunteers cozy right up to Lewis, covered in their UnHide warmth, and fall blissfully asleep. We have many blankets that we offer our volunteers, but they always pick the UnHide every time!

John Lewis has the giant purpose of expanding people’s hearts to the affection, intelligence, and personalities of cows everywhere. Knowing there are companies out there, like UnHide that are producing excellence and harming no one gives us hope that one day we will have a gentle world for all of us! Peace is possible, for big businesses, for restaurants and food companies, and for us as individuals; we just need to make peaceful, gentle choices every day. And John Lewis Thunderheart and UnHide make it easy!

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