Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Our Mother Earth

When you look at each and every problem on our planet closely, you will find that the cause of every one of them starts with eating animals, and the solutions start with going vegan! It is animal agriculture that is depleting our water, destroying the environment, causing the rain forests to be chopped down, creating suffering for animals, and instilling illness in our bodies. When we no longer feed grain to animals intended for slaughter, we will feed humanity and end starvation. When we no longer use our earth’s water to clean out dairies and factory farms, we will end our drought. When we no longer eat animals, we will reduce our risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and dementia by ninety percent. When we eat plant-based foods, we will eliminate ocean dead zones caused by overfishing, deforestation caused by over expansion of the beef industry, and deserts caused by overgrazing. And right now, our world would not be turned upside down with the Coronavirus, had a group of people not eaten wild animals!

There has never before been a time that the wellbeing of our planet hinges on us as individuals, like now! Throughout history, each movement has made progress through world wars, civil wars, and politics, like the civil rights movement, suffragette movement, and gender equality that we are still working towards today. But the environmental destruction that we are facing right now, the suffering of our animal neighbors, and the illnesses in our own bodies can only be remedied by each and every single one of us standing up against injustice, using our voices for the voiceless, purchasing gently, and reawakening to love. It is the only movement in history that relies on you and me.

The gardens and orchards have everything we need to thrive, just like they do for the largest and most powerful animals on this planet, like elephants, horses, cows, and gorillas. And animals have everything that we need to learn and grow; they teach us about forgiveness, trust, courage, and unconditional love. We must end slavery, and instead build community and togetherness. It is time to look past our differences and see instead of the similarities inherent in all living sentient beings sharing this earth. It is imperative that we awaken to the love inside us and the love that connects us to each other!

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So, if you have always thought about going vegan but struggle with what to eat. If you’ve put the idea of a plant-based diet off, but something about it keeps nagging at you. If you want to boost your immune system and keep yourself healthy. If you love animals and don’t want to hurt them. If you cherish this planet and you’d like future generations to be able to thrive here. Now is the time to go vegan!!! Let’s do it for our own health! Let’s do it for the animals! And let’s do it for our beautiful Mother Earth!

Please let us know how we can support you on this journey, it’s easier than you think! Right now, my family and I are enjoying a vegan diet, staying away from sugar, drinking lots of water, and eating Beyond Meat, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. We are thriving on vegetable soup, stir-fries, salads, and smoothies. We are boosting our immune system with Sun Chlorella Algae Super Food three times a day. And if we have to go out in public, we put Puremedy on our hands and in our nostrils to prevent infection. We are quarantining and social distancing, however, there is nothing that will unite all of us more than collectively awakening, evolving, and learning the lessons in all of this. Even though we are closed to the public right now, we are connected to you, thinking about you, grateful for you, and wish you and your family health and safety!

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