Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.


Playful as a puppy playing tug of war and pushing bouncy balls around with his nose, his loud hee-haws delight us, and when he puts his head down, closes his eyes, and asks for ear rubs he brings tears to our eyes. More like a puppy than a donkey, Addison would sleep in my bed if I could potty train him. He is so full of fun and affection, he is a friend to all, and it is so hard to imagine how anyone could have treated him so poorly before he came to us!

Addison and his brother were kept to pull heavy objects. It was back-breaking work and when they hesitated, straining under the weight, they were beaten. Their last job was so strenuous that they could not continue, and they were beaten within an inch of their life. They were finally confiscated and brought to a donkey rescue where Addison’s brother died. Addison’s physical wounds healed in time, but he was left with open, raw, and festering emotional scars that would not heal. We brought him home to The Gentle Barn to heal his soul. It took years, but eventually, he learned to trust us, made friends, walked away from his past, and accepted us as his family.

The abuse that Addison suffered was no less brutal than a human slave would receive a few hundred years ago in this country. And we live for the day where animals are no longer seen as objects or property, where they have a voice and a choice, and where the law protects them. One day we will realize that though we look different, we are all the same on the inside, with the same intelligence, affection, and rights to freedom, family, and safety. Addison gives so much to the children with special needs that we host, he is always gentle and kind to the tiniest hands, and he opens hearts every day. If you haven’t already, come rub Addison’s ears and give him carrots, you will be sure to fall in love!

This gray, fuzzy, playful, adorable Muppet would love your support! For a nominal donation each month, you will get a beautiful packet in the mail and emailed behind the scenes updates of how he is doing with new pictures each time. Be a part of Addison’s life for the rest of his life!

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