Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other
Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is a Thanksgiving survivor, and one of the very first turkeys rescued at our Tennessee location. Luke, Heather, and Payton Manning were saved just before Thanksgiving and brought home to The Gentle Barn, filthy and terrified. During their thirty day quarantine, we began the long journey towards their emotional and physical recovery. We had volunteers and staff sit with them every day, reading out loud, singing to them, and meditating with them. In time they realized that they were safe, loved, and respected with us and grew into gorgeous, happy, and loved turkeys.

For eighteen months the two brothers lived in harmony together, but once they hit sexual maturity the boys started fighting. At first, it was just play fighting, like puppies do when they’re small, but by the time they were two, their brawls turned serious and we had to separate them. Payton Manning moves to our St. Louis location to have a kingdom of his own, and Luke stayed in Tennessee with his sister and other rescued birds. And peace was restored to The Gentle Barn once more.

Like any great Jedi, Luke Skywalker is radiant and his force is very strong. He parades around for a living, displaying his magical feathers and colors to anyone who will watch. When no one is paying attention, he makes loud sneezing and chirping sounds to be seen. He shakes his tail feathers, extends his wings, and turns around and around dazzling all of us with his splendor. Like all male turkeys, Skywalker’s head changes colors with his mood: when he’s relaxed and calm, his head is a whitish, milky, blue. When he’s excited his head turns a bright red. He does not like being touched but lives to protect his family and to be called handsome. In the summer, Luke will be turning four and will rule our castle and dazzle all of us for the rest of his days. May they be many!

Sponsor this hero from a galaxy far, far away and be part of his journey! You'll help contribute to the care and support that he needs and you'll be able to receive updates on how he's doing and a new picture every month. May the force be with you!

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  • Chakra Meditation and Sound Healing (Winter 2024)

    March 2nd 2024 - The Gentle Barn California

    Clear, Balance and Align your 7 main Chakras through guided meditation, chanting, and Integrative sound bath. When your chakras are aligned, the energy moves through you more freely, and you can feel in harmony with all aspects of your physical, emotional and spiritual self.

  • Thermal Horizon - Windsong Retreat (Spring 2024)

    May 4th 2024 - The Gentle Barn California

    Let’s come together as a community as we support The Gentle Barn in their endeavor to enrich the lives of abused animals worldwide. Let’s bring our loving hearts, the spirit of opportunity and fill our cups emotionally, spiritually, and physically as we celebrate unity in community by helping these wonderful support animals.

  • Open Sunday in Missouri

    We are excited to be open to the public again on Sunday, at The Gentle Barn: Missouri.

  • Open Sunday in California

    We are excited to be open to the public again on Sunday, at The Gentle Barn: California.

  • Open Sunday in Tennessee

    We are excited to be open to the public again on Sunday, at The Gentle Barn: Tennessee.

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At Katjes we believe that every life is precious and these values extend beyond our plant-based gummies. As part of our campaign featuring rescued animals, we’re honored to join hands with The Gentle Barn, to support their non-stop efforts in protecting animals. By drawing attention to their heart-warming stories, we hope to provide food for thought when we say: Kindness just tastes better.

Eliza Jahn

Head of Marketing Katjes USA