Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Help us save lives!

Lollie at Gentle Barn - Tennessee, Running in the grass

This summer was very exciting when we focused all our efforts together with your generosity into opening a Nashville location, bringing our animals to their forever home, and rescuing more animals who had nowhere else to go. The Nashville Gentle Barn is gorgeous, staffed, and our programs for the community are up and running. But after spending most of our resources in opening another location, we are now in a period of recuperation. We would normally get back on our feet pretty quickly during this time of end-of-year giving, but, we were hit with many other pressing needs all at the same time, and need your help!

Winter hit early in Tennessee this year, and before we knew it, we were hit with freezing temperatures and biting winds. We immediately got blankets for the horses, extra straw for the pigs and chickens, and heaters for all the stalls. But our current electricity cannot handle all the heaters at the same time. And there are some openings in the barn that let in the cold. We took many bids and found a company who could insulate the barn and redo the electricity. Please donate today and help us winterize the barn and allow the animals who have had suffered lives before coming to us, to have the lives they deserve; that all animals deserve!

Thank you for being our partner in saving lives!!! We will save animals from horrendous circumstances, drive them home, and rehabilitate them. We will read and sing to them, and hold them in our arms. We will teach them to trust, heal their broken bodies, and give them a home and a family. We will clean up after them, give them the cleanest water, and freshest hay. We will give them a purpose as ambassadors to open people’s hearts to all animals. We will work with them to connect children to animals and nature. We will share their stories on social media to radiate hope to the whole world. We will support their mobility and comfort when they are seniors. And when it is their time to transition, we will be with them so they have dignity, hold them so they are not afraid, and whisper I love you’s in their ears so they know how much they mattered. But we need your support to do it!

Please donate to the Gentle Barn today and help us care for our 200 rescued animals and help us be here for even more animals in 2019; they are depending on us all!

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Spotlight Sponsor of the Month

Spotlight Sponsor of the Month

Since its founding in 1984 CRYSTAL™ Deodorant has been a vegan, non-toxic, mineral-based line, focused on providing products that are cruelty-free. MyCHELLE Dermaceuticals®, founded in 2000, is known as the creators of the clean skincare movement, and is a brand dedicated to developing high-end, results-driven, cruelty-free products.

Animal testing is still such a problem in the beauty industry and in personal care products. We feel that it is our corporate mission to lead a different way and that is something we are proud to have done with our brands for more than 35 years. CRYSTAL™ and MyCHELLE® are proud to sponsor The Gentle Barns Gentle 12 program for the month of September.
- Catie Wiggy, Vice President of Marketing & Product Innovation for MyChelle Dermaceuticals and CRYSTAL.