Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Three Weeks In

We have been in Nashville for three weeks now. When we first arrived, we had a mad rush to build fences and prepare barns and pastures so we could bring the animals home. Then we transported the animals and packed up the house and barn. And now we are continuing to organize, put things away, improve the yard for the pigs and birds, and make this place the best that it can be for the animals and the community. It has been a beautiful whirlwind!

For the last three weeks, Jay and I have worked fourteen to twenty hour days. When we finally stop for the night, I am more dirty, sweaty, and tired than I have ever been. When I lie down after a good shower and close my eyes, my muscles hurt so much that I think there is no way I can keep going. But somehow when the sun comes up, and I see the horses and cows happily grazing in their pastures, my body is filled with new energy, and I hurry to get dressed and get out there to feed the animals breakfast and work hard for them.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to have a dream and a vision, and see it come to fruition. For two years I dreamed of having land of our own in Tennessee where the animals can always be safe, and we can save more lives. When we found this place, I knew right away that we were home. And since we saw it, I have been picturing our horses galloping in the pastures: tails up, mains flowing, thundering hooves. I have been imagining looking out our picture windows to the cows happily grazing, exploring, and resting under huge shade trees. I have been visualizing the pigs in a big fluffy barn or lounging in their pool, with smiles on their faces. And after all this time, I am finally standing in the moment I've been waiting for! Watching the animals play and be so happy, brings such joy to our lives, and I know it will to your hearts as well.

I better get back to work, I have so much more to do. Thank you for helping us make this dream come true, and create this paradise for all of us. Please come to see us in Nashville, tickets are available at https://www.gentlebarn.org/nashville

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