Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

My Gentle Barn Story - Nick

Nick with Mr. Rojas

It's a hard day when an animal at the Gentle Barn passes... It's an even harder day when that animal has made such an impact on your life... Mr. Rojas, you were: a brave jersey cow; a ladies man; a cow that had terrific eyelashes, but, more importantly, you were my buddy…You changed many lives, one of them being my own. I looked forward to taking care of you every Sunday at the Gentle Barn. I remember you always posing for the camera as I encouraged people to take pictures with you (he loved the attention). I told everyone to give you hugs (I know he loved those). Even on hard days, I loved telling your story. It made me smile. Spreading your love and survival to the world, was a joy of mine. I also enjoyed every time that you got a little feisty and pushed me over (he was stubborn sometimes). Mr. Rojas, I grew so close to you, and I didn't think I could ever love a cow as much as I loved you. You changed me. You helped me see animals in another light, and you made me smile even when I was having the worst week. Mr. Rojas, you helped heal so many countless people, and you healed me. A little more every week. I will never forget you, Mr. Rojas. You were more than just a cow to me... you were my friend.

Signed, your friend Nick

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Animal communication has helped me heal the animals at The Gentle Barn and give them everything they need and want. It’s so life changing for us and the animals that I’ve started doing readings professionally so I can help others connect to their animals in the deepest way possible. I’m in for any way I can help animals and help The Gentle Barn at the same time.

- Ellie Laks