Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Much progress!

Have you heard the extremely exciting news that Kentucky Fried Chicken is launching a vegan meal?! On July 1st they are beginning a test of Vegan Gardein chickn, vegan biscuits, vegan coleslaw, and even redoing their honey mustard dressing to agave! When Tyson chicken bought out Gardein, we were all wondering what they were up to, and now we know!

It's incredible how twenty years ago someone asked me if I was vegan and I said, "no, I'm American," and then had to explain what vegan was. Of course, I then went vegan on the spot, but now fast food restaurants are implementing vegan options on their menu! There are more and more vegan restaurants, sanctuaries, documentaries, and vegan products in mainstream stores like Vons, Ralphs, Walmart, Costco, and target. It is now common to hear the word vegan on national commercials, more and more celebrities are going vegan, and characters on TV and in the movies are vegan as well. Times are sure changing!

My prediction is that once Kentucky Fried Chicken's vegan sales are successful, there will be more and more fast food places offering vegan choices. And once the food industry realizes that they are making the same money without having to raise, transport, kill, and clean up after animals, they'll recognize that vegan products are even more profitable and easier! It is just a matter of time till they switch to vegan food realizing that peace is profitable! And that is where we come in: we have to show them that they are on the right track. We have to buy their vegan options, tell our friends, share on social media, and let them have a line down the block and sell out. It is our job to show them that we don't want illness, violence, or environmental destruction anymore. We want peace, love, joy, health, and gentleness! Let's grab some KFC in July and promote kindness at the same time;

I'll meet you there!

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