Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Captain America

Jay and I are still in Knoxville. We were only supposed to stay for a week but things are such a mess because of the rain and mud, that we staid to give The Gentle Barn TN a face lift. While we’re here we are also spending lots of time with Captain gaining his trust, keeping him entertained, and keeping him healthy.

For the first few days Captain was cautious with everyone and hesitant about everything new. He’s come a long way in just a week. He is now eager to spend time with me and meet new people. He has also become inquisitive about new things and delights in the simplest things, like wheelbarrows, rakes, and bags. The other day I went into his room to clean up after him, and he got so excited to see me that he bounced up and down three times and wagged his head to play. This not only means that he’s trusting me completely, but it also means that he seems very healthy, which is exactly what we want to see during quarantine. Seeing as he’s so playful, we gave Captain a big bouncy ball, and he must be talking with Dudley because Captain knew exactly how to play with it. He’s got Dudley’s spirit and he’s just the breath of fresh air we all needed.

The first Sunday Captain was with us, we closed his windows and allowed people to welcome him while he felt safe and protected inside his stall. The second Sunday we closed off the other cows to our guests, and had people give Captain cookies through his window. It was so great for his recovery to meet new men, women, and children and realize that they all came bearing gifts and were safe for him. He is quickly leaving his past behind him, opening up his heart again, and embracing his new life. We’re so proud of him!

Captain will soon be done with his quarantine and will be able to meet our other cows. Of all our animals, cows are the easiest to introduce. They are very civilized and kind to each other. They understand the hierarchy right away and for the most part don’t challenge each other. They communicate through head bonking and mounting each other, but they are always respectful and gentle. When he meets them, I’m sure Maybelle will want to mommy him. Eclipse will want to play. Destiny will flirt, and Miles will want to have long philosophical discussions in the sun. Captain will delight in the pigs, explore the entire pasture top to bottom, and will finally have a place to call home forever.

If you loved Dudley, you’ll love Captain. Please come meet him, and stay tuned on social media as his wonderful life with us unfolds.

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