Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Cuddle Turkeys

I knew boy turkeys loved to show off, but when I rescued my first female turkey I was in for a big surprise. She was white and fluffy and had a pink snood and pink feet. I loved her instantly. Each day when I would go out to do my chores she would follow me around the yard and we would talk. She would tell me all about her day, and I would tell her all about mine. After about ten minutes of excellent conversation, we would go our separate ways; she to flirt with our male turkey, and me to finish cleaning the yard and filling up water buckets.

One day she followed me as she usually did, but after fifteen minutes she was still hurriedly stalking me. Her peep peeps seemed louder, as if she was trying to tell me something. Worried that she needed something, I put my rake down and sat down in front of her. She climbed right up into my lap, fanned her wings out, closed her eyes, and fell asleep. I was so pleasantly surprised that I barely breathed the entire time she was in my lap. I kissed her pink head and stroked her velvet feathers. My heart was so big in love with her that it physically hurt.

We cuddled like that for a good twenty minutes. And while we embraced I wasn’t thinking about what I had to do that day, I had no memory of my past regrets; she and I were in present time, together. Her capacity to forgive the human race after the torture she had gone through before we brought her home astounded me. Her need for affection was obviously the same as any dog, cat, or child. Instantly gone were the stereotypes that we wrongfully learn in our society. Our bond was cemented till the end of time in that hug. She left me speechless, healed, vulnerable, and in love with her. And we have been cuddling girl turkeys every since!

If you haven’t cuddled a turkey yet, please come visit us on a Sunday. It will change your life forever!

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