Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Las Vegas

We were in Las Vegas during the shooting this week. We saw the beautiful people in their cowboy boots and hats heading to the concert; I am haunted by their images. We heard the shooting and couldn’t understand what it was so we figured it had to be fireworks. The ugly sound of the blasts will be seared in my mind forever. One lost and broken man shook the world forever. Mother Nature’s fury and people’s increased violence has people hopeless and searching for answers. The worst of humanity is making news and it is shaking people to their very core.

Just two days after the shooting, we hosted a group of children from Watts, one of the most violent cities in the country. These kids, who are surrounded by drugs, death, pain, suffering, noise, and concrete on a daily basis, came out to the spacious beauty and tranquility of The Gentle Barn to plant a vegetable garden. They were all smiles as they gently tucked broccoli, brussle sprouts, beats, carrots, kale, and cauliflower into the earth. They practiced reverence for nature, generosity to each other, and got to just be kids for a change. Once the plants were situated and watered, the kids hugged the cows on their way out. At the end of the day they drove the hour and a half back to their tumultuous neighborhoods, but took the hope, love, and gentleness with them.

Our work at The Gentle Barn is not just to save animals; we save animals who then open hearts, and offer unconditional love and healing to suffering people. Our work is of the utmost importance now! It is crucial that we create community, we help people practice gentleness, and we give people faith when they have nowhere else to turn. When you support The Gentle Barn by donating for a bale of hay, or make a monthly reoccurring donation, you are not only saving animals and healing people, but you are offering hope and light in a seemingly destitute, dark world.

Thank you for being our community and enabling us to do this work. Remember, what happened in Las Vegas was the act of one lost man. The community is still full of good people who showed up with food and water for the first responders, donated at the blood banks, and gave money to the families. The world is full of good. Goodness starts with us. We can stop eating violence by adopting a plant-based diet. We can stop purchasing violence by buying cruelty free products for our households. We can stop the violence on our planet by giving our dollars only to companies who create sustainable, echo friendly goods. Lets take a stand for peace right where we are!

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