Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Learning to Trust

Spending the last week with the St. Louis Six, now that they're home, has been an honor and a privilege. Many of their fans and supporters were worried that the transport would be traumatic or set them back, but it actually was quite the opposite. It was the very first time Chico and his brothers had been loaded onto a trailer without being forced, scared, or hurt. I think that went a long way in helping them trust us.

When we opened the trailer to our lush green pastures, spacious skies, and welcoming shade trees, they understood that we kept our promise to keep them safe. No longer are they huddled together in fear. They are now spread out, exploring on their own. When I approach them, Chico does not lead them away, but hardly even looks up from grazing. Their faces are soft and relaxed. One of them came and sniffed my hand, and Chico even allowed me to sit with all of them in the barn. They have made enormous progress in such a short time, I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks will reveal.

Chico and his brothers have so much to teach us about kindness and love. They have already taught us about their intelligence, affection, and desire to live. I think they have even more to teach us about our world. There is a connection between how our society treats animals and global warming. The latest national fires, storms, and hurricanes have been absolutely horrific. Our prayers, thoughts, and hearts are with everyone affected. Did you know, though, that environmental changes are largely caused by animal agriculture? Forests are being torn down, oceans are being overfished, land is overgrazed, species go extinct every day, groundwater is polluted, and ozone layers are being distorted because of the meat and dairy industries.

When we adopt a plant-based diet, we don't just save 200 animals a year, but we save an acre of trees a year, and 1100 gallons of water a day. When we are kinder to animals we have healthier bodies, a more sustainable planet, and better, safer lives for ourselves. If you haven't seen it, Cowspiracy on Netflix is amazing, easy to watch, and so informative about our beautiful Mother Earth and how we can help her, to help ourselves.

We cannot wait to see Chico and the boys turn into ambassadors, bringing their message to the world. Please come see them at our grand opening on September 24th from 10-2, and every Sunday afterwards. Visit our Missouri page for tickets, info, and directions!

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