Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

In the Barnyard: April 27, 2017

Spring brings color, beauty, and song, but it also brings a lot of work for us. There are so many things we must take care of for our rescued animals, such as haircuts for the sheep and llamas, hoof trims for cows, goats and sheep, and tusk trims for our pigs.

This week we started on dentals for all our horses. Older horses can be missing teeth, have teeth that are cracked or rotten, or some back teeth can have sharp pointy edges making chewing uncomfortable. We want to make sure our horses are able to chew their hay and treats and are getting the most nutrients from their food to keep them energized, happy, and healthy for a long as we can; and, dentals play a very important part in that. Once our equine dentist checks each horse and donkey to feel the condition of his or her teeth, he lightly sedates the ones who need to be treated and he files down their teeth with a huge rasp. He checks and re-checks until their teeth are perfect. This year we didn’t have any extractions, but we do have one horse, Patric, who has no teeth left. In the wild he would probably starve to death, but because he is with us, we can feed him soft senior food and lots of Sun Chlorella Algae Super Food, fill his belly, and make sure he is healthy and happy.

When you donate towards hay, feed, and vet care you are helping us give the very best care to our senior animals to make up for the abuse they have suffered before we saved them. Thank you for being part of our gentle family and enabling us to love and care for our animals like they deserve!

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