Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Inside Scoop: Beth in California

I’ve been riding and working with horses for 38 years. I’ve been working with the horses at The Gentle Barn for the last 7+ years.
I’ve been fortunate to work with most of the horses at GB, at one time or another. It’s a joy to learn each horse’s or donkey’s story in his or her own words and to help him/her find the courage and trust to use his/her voice.
The philosophy of GB taught me that sometimes animals just need someone to spend time with them, like you would do with a frightened or sad friend. Sometimes there’s nothing to “accomplish” or “fix,” you just need to listen and be compassionate.
My years of experience with horses enable me to often quickly understand what they are saying or for what they are asking. At the Gentle Barn, that information is implemented into the relationship between the people and the horses. A horse is never told to “shut up and do what you’re told,” like is the common human/equine relationship.
I’ve enjoyed being part of the GB and the wonderful miracles that happen here, for both animals and people. Knowing Jay and Ellie and their family has been such an inspiration. They earnestly want to make the world a better place one horse, one chicken, one cow, one child at a time.

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At Tomato Joe’s, we’ve had the privilege of seeing the bounty of Ellie and Jay’s important work blossom over the
years and we’re as excited as ever to watch their heart-warming story continue. We discovered The Gentle Barn
years ago when local food developer Angel McNall was working with our newly opened pizza shop developing her
amazing Vegan cheese that would ultimately become known to all as Follow Your Heart Mozzarella. After we
introduced the first Vegan pizza in SCV, we really had to fight hard to keep that dream going. It was the Gentle
Barn’s support and partnership that gave us the impetus to keep the dream alive in those challenging early days.
Ellie and Jay are such passionate and committed souls, and their mission is unequivocally improving our World,
one beautiful creature at a time! We are most proud sponsors and friends of The Gentle Barn.
“Tomato Joe” Brown,
Long Time SCV Peep & Founder
Tomato Joe’s Pizza & Taps Restaurant, Canyon Country

Tomato Joe’s offers a variety of delicious vegan options for pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and appetizers.