Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Katy's Journey Home


Katy belonged to a loving family and all was well until they moved and abandoned her, tied to a tree in front of a vet’s office. Concerned for her safety and not wanting to see her destroyed, the veterinarians kept Katy for six-years. They tried to adopt her out a few times but for one reason or another it never worked out and Katy ended up right back at the vet hospital. With every year that she spent in a kennel, the more unhappy she became, and the more concerned the hospital staff grew. Until one day The Fuzzy Pet Foundation heard about her and enlisted The Gentle Barn to help them get Katy adopted once and for all.

The minute I saw a picture of Katy’s huge smile, even though she had very little to smile about, I fell in love with her and vowed to help her find a forever family of her own. I posted Katy on social media several times but because she had to be an only dog we were not getting any interest back. After several months, we posted a picture of her tied to a tree and asked people to share it on their social media. That post got 20,000 shares. Finally, applications and e-mails started coming in. We got a great application from Virginia. Even though they were so far away the wonderful people at Fuzzy Pets thought that this might very well be Katy’s chance at a great life. So… Fuzzy Pets’ volunteers loaded up the car with dog beds, toys, and snacks and drove 3,000 miles from Los Angeles to Virginia to introduce Katy to the family and see if it was a good match.


It was love at first sight! The family has had experience with large bully breeds, they are perfectly happy for her to be the only dog in the house, and were so happy to welcome Katy into their lives and hearts forever. After being abandoned by the people she trusted and counted on, after six-years in a kennel, after several days on the road, Katy is now home sweet home for the rest of her life!

It just goes to show you how wonderful life can be and how many miracles can happen when we don’t give up and when we keep trying. Thank you to all of you who shared Katy’s posts on social media. Thank you to The Fuzzy Pet Foundation for literally going the distance for Katy and never giving up on her. Lastly, thanks to Katy for her smile, for her hope, and for being open, alive, and loving no matter what! It was a profound honor to be a small part of Katy’s journey home. I have never met Katy, but she has touched me deeply and I will remember her for

Written by Ellie Laks

Founder, The Gentle Barn


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