Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

The Inside Scoop: Marilyn Galyon

High on my bucket list of places to visit, I had been following The Gentle Barn for several years. Imagine my surprise to see that Ellie and Jay had flown to Nashville, TN to rescue a Hereford steer that had severely injured his leg after becoming entangled in baling twine. It was exciting news when it was announced that the steer would be transported to the University of Tennessee Large Animal Veterinary Hospital in Knoxville, TN, less than 3 miles from my house.

Now called Dudley, his injured leg required amputation and he began a long period of treatment to heal his leg and eventually be fitted with a prosthesis. Following Dudley’s progress on Facebook, I was inspired by his progress, which helped in my own battle with an autoimmune disease that caused pain and mobility issues in my limbs. Experiencing difficulty in standing and walking, I took strength in watching Dudley heal and grow stronger everyday while adapting to his new leg.

When The Gentle Barn announced that Dudley would take up residence here in Knoxville at a new Gentle Barn location, I was excited and overjoyed. I knew I would want to volunteer to help out any way I could. I immediately made reservations to attend one of the opening day events and have been back every weekend since. I am still inspired by the animals in residence at The Gentle Barn Tennessee and have made many new friends while volunteering. The Gentle Barn’s mission to heal animals and people have made a difference in my life. Love is truly the spirit of The Gentle Barn Tennessee.

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Animal communication has helped me heal the animals at The Gentle Barn and give them everything they need and want. It’s so life changing for us and the animals that I’ve started doing readings professionally so I can help others connect to their animals in the deepest way possible. I’m in for any way I can help animals and help The Gentle Barn at the same time.

- Ellie Laks