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Dudley Found Love


Dudley has had a long and amazing adventure, and is finally home at The Second Gentle Barn in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has a prosthetic foot that fits him perfectly and he spends his days grazing, playing, and meditating under a giant shade tree. His story, however, is not finished without someone to share his paradise with. 

Destiny was born and raised on a beef ranch. When she was born, she had an umbilical cord infection which went into her blood stream and settled in her right front leg. The vet did not want to give her antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medication because she was supposed to be eaten. The farmer, feeling helpless and wanting to help, massaged Destiny's leg every day and cleaned out the abscess once it opened and drained, and finally got Destiny walking. 

But Destiny still had compromised mobility and it was getting worse as she grew. Through the healing process, the farmer bonded with Destiny and did not want to see her go to slaughter. She heard we had come to Tennessee and asked if we would take her. We said yes knowing we could help her and thinking she would be a perfect companion for Dudley. 

We brought Destiny home late on a Thursday eve. She seemed scared and unsure but we kept promising her a good life and assuring her that she would understand once she got home. Destiny and Dudley took to each other immediately. They called to one another from the trailer and when she unloaded, they bonked heads, smelled one another, and became friends right away. 

We had a vet come out to take x-rays of her leg to make sure nothing was broken or dislocated. The vet explained that in an effort to heal itself, Destiny's body fused the elbow together. Once fused, there is no pain, but it makes it harder to walk. We sent the radiographs to the surgeon who helped Dudley at the University of Tennessee. Dr Anderson said that the fusion could not be corrected but we could increase blood flow, build up atrophied muscles, support and increase her mobility with acupuncture, massage therapy, and ultrasound. 

Dudley now has love, health, happiness, and family; Dudley finally has his happily ever after. Destiny deserves a happy ending too. Will you please continue to support us so we can help Destiny have the same happy ending as Dudley. We cannot do it without you, and we are grateful for donations of any amount. Go to: http://www.gentlebarn.org/donate/donate.html

Written by Ellie Laks

Founder, The Gentle Barn

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