Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

A Gentle Giant


Biscuit had his 9th birthday celebration this past Sunday and he loved the cake and the singing so much. He ate most of the cake and then left some for the other pigs to enjoy. It’s a really big deal that he just turned 9 as most farmed pigs don’t live that long.

Wild pigs live about 25 years and are bright, fast and agile. Scientists have taken wild pigs and genetically engineered them to make a man made pig designed to get very big, very fast, so they can be slaughtered at only 6 months old. When we save them from slaughter and they grow till 3 like they are supposed to, they are abnormally huge. By the time they are get to be around 3 – 5 years old they typically can no longer walk. They have these bright, young minds and bodies set up to fail from day one.

Biscuit is 1,000 pounds and is having problems with his mobility now. It started about 6 months ago when for the most part he was doing find but every now and then he would have to strain to get up. Then about a month ago every once in a while he would stumble and fall when he was walking, but could get back up with some effort and assistance. The night before his birthday, Biscuit had major trouble walking and Jay and I staid out in the barnyard till midnight helping him get to bed. Lifting a 1,000 pound pig is no small feet, but with patience and persistence we finally were able to help him walk to bed. Now to stand up to eat, shift positions or go to the bathroom, Biscuit needs help.

We are giving him water every hour and spending lots of time with him so he knows we are here for him and he feels comfortable. We are hoping and praying that we can continue to help him get up and we can have the blessing of loving and knowing this amazing angel for as long as we possibly can. I know he is not ready to go, as we are not ready to say goodbye. Biscuit has always been kind, gentle and gracious. He is the best guy to cuddle with on a cold winter morning, and his joy in the mud holes in summer is unparalleled. I have read many books and taken many naps with Biscuit and don’t want it to ever end!

If you missed Biscuit’s birthday party, come see him this Sunday from 10-2, rub his tummy, have a cuddle, and see what a great guy he is!

This is Biscuit when we rescued him from slaughter at 6 months old, He had never seen a mud hole, had a fluffy straw bed, or met other pigs before this day. See how happy he is: https://youtu.be/E2j-q3rgKtg

Written by Ellie Laks

Founder, The Gentle Barn

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