Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

Team Dudley

Dudley is enjoying his stay in the University of Tennessee Large Animal Hospital. He is getting acupuncture and e stim, gaining weight with high quality hay, and being spoiled with yummy treats. He is trusting people more and more and remains curious and joyful. After hobbling on three legs for ten-months, after several surgeries, he is finally getting his prosthetic foot, specially designed for him. We cannot wait to show you pictures next week! This little cow is very special and has a big purpose. He will give hope to so many people who have physical challenges of their own. More importantly, he is setting the standard of the kind of care all farm animals should receive. He is helping us show people that we are all the same, even though we all look different, and are deserving of the same care, love, respect, and freedoms. Many people have asked us why we are doing this for a cow. We are doing this because he deserves it; each life is special and deserving of love no matter what the species. The only difference between a dog and a cow is our perception of them! Dudley has already helped many people perceive cows differently and choose to make kinder choices in their diet and their purchases. Dudley has already done so much good and we have only known him for six weeks.

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Thank you so much!

To read Dudley's back story, go to: http://www.gentlebarn.org/blog/2015/01/17/dudley-in-tennessee/

Written by Ellie Laks
Founder, The Gentle Barn

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