Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

A Heavy Day's Work

When we rescued thirty animals from a backyard butcher about a year a ago, they were all riddled with parasites, which made them anemic, dehydrated, frail and very sick. It took months for them to recover physically and even longer still emotionally. To ensure they remain healthy, we deworm our animals approximately every six months. In order to deworm, we had to weigh all the sheep and goats, so we could get the correct dosages of the dewormer for all of them. Some of the goats and sheep are still skittish around people because of the extreme abuse they went through before being rescued to The Gentle Barn. Because of this, weighing them is a difficult task.

With help from our staff and volunteers, we politely and slowly ushered the goats and sheep through the “Sun Chlorella Healing Center”, one by one to get weighed, get lots of yummy treats and be let back out into the barnyard. Once we were done recording all of their weights, we watched all of the goats and sheep sunning themselves in the dappled afternoon light, under the pepper trees, and there seemed to be a renewed peace among them.

The smallest sheep was Rosie, weighing in at only 40 pounds. We were actually able to carry her onto the scale. The largest sheep was Stanley, weighing in at 310.5 pounds. We had to use lots of treats to bribe him onto the scale. Luckily for us, Stanley loves Sun Chlorella Rejuv-A-Wafers™ and was willing to stand on the scale as long as we kept them coming.

We made great progress this week, showing the goats and sheep that they can indeed trust us and that, no matter what, we will always take care of them and keep them safe and loved.

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Animal communication has helped me heal the animals at The Gentle Barn and give them everything they need and want. It’s so life changing for us and the animals that I’ve started doing readings professionally so I can help others connect to their animals in the deepest way possible. I’m in for any way I can help animals and help The Gentle Barn at the same time.

- Ellie Laks