Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.


We had a wonderful group of kids here this week from South Central Los Angeles. We took four of The Gentle Barn’s dogs and hiked up a mountain and looked at the view of land that had been burned in a fire. Seven years ago, the land was burned, dead and totally destroyed. But somehow plants figured out how to survive and grow back. Then we told some of the dogs’ stories; Blossom was taken to the animal shelter with her mom and siblings and they put the mom down while they waited for someone to save them. Blossom was terrified and alone. Dylan’s person died suddenly leaving Dylan locked in the house, alone and afraid for weeks. Lakota's family did not want him and he had to leave his mom to come with us to safety. He was depressed for weeks. The children all came from broken homes and they too knew what it was like to lose and miss someone special to them. We sat in a circle on the top of the hill and talked about resilience. Every animal at The Gentle Barn has gone through hard, painful times and found a way to get through it. These kids have gone through so much and it is hard to imagine how their little bodies carry around so much pain and sorrow and yet they were finding ways through it as well. Together we realized that if plants can grow after a blaze, then we can find ways to grow up through the ashes and blossom too.

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No Evil Foods makes meat…from plants. Some people told us it couldn’t be done. We took that as a challenge and started a rebellious company that uses food as a force for good. In a world of unsustainable animal agricultural practices and highly processed meat alternatives, our small-batch plant-based meats challenge the status quo by using simple, sustainable ingredients to recreate a traditional protein experience that blows minds from coast to coast.

No Evil Foods was born from a belief in the power of an individual (in our case, two) to enact global change and we couldn't be more excited to put our purpose into practice through our support of The Gentle Barn. We strongly believe that each of us has the power and responsibility to repair the world by speaking up for the most vulnerable among us. Thanks to The Gentle Barn for creating a safe place where our farmed friends can find peace.