Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other
Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other

Barn Update

The animals we rescued from the backyard butcher are responding to our treatments and therapies. One of the sheep, who is still sick, has a virus not only contagious to other animals but to humans as well, so she has to be kept in strict isolation. Every day we tell her how beautiful she is and how much we love her. She is getting better slowly and we can’t wait to hold and pet her!

Hero is also healing. She is gaining weight slowly, ultrasound treatments are helping decrease the swelling in her knees, chiropractic is helping her spine straighten and relieving her headaches, and great vet care is healing her leg which is no longer infected down to the bone. Many of the goats and sheep are getting very friendly and are starting to play and allow us to pet them.

There are so many animals that we can’t possibly keep them all once we have healed them physically and emotionally and they are out of quarantine. The Gentle Barn only keeps animals that no one else wants, so we will be putting many of them up for adoption to loving homes. We will only adopt them as pets, not for milk or meat production.

If you are interested and live in Southern California, have a fence that is at least 6 feet high and are zoned to have goats and sheep, please email us so we can put you on the waiting list. Email us at with “Goat Waiting List” in the subject line.

It looks like she is pregnant and we are awaiting the birth of her baby. Her baby will get to live here with his mom for the rest of his life and will never know the abuse, loneliness, fear or illness that his mom lived with, before we saved her.

It will take Hero many months to be completely healthy, some of the goats and sheep are still struggling with fear, illness and injury, and we don’t know what kind of care will be involved with the babies that will be born soon. This is more animals than we have ever taken in at one time and we cannot do this without you, please help us, please donate, any amount is greatly appreciated!
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