Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other
Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other

Read Zeus's Story (In Memoriam)

Zeus was born at a county fair. When a teenager found out that all the animals were going to slaughter after the fair closed she bought Zeus for $50 and brought him to her house hoping that her parents wouldn't find out. It didn't take long for them to discover the growing piglet in their garage and ordered him to go. He came to The Gentle Barn as a little guy and he immediately fit right in with our other pigs. He loved to run around the barnyard and play, roll in the mud in his pool, he loved food and gobbled up his food like he was always starving, and rolled over for tummy rubs with the slightest touch. He was always kind, gentle, and loving. He loved his life with us and his great big purpose opening people's hearts to the love and magic of pigs.

Zeus was our longest living pig, living till twelve and a half years old. Every year we threw him a huge birthday party with song and cake. Every night we tucked him into bed with blankets and kisses. And every day we brought him children to rub his belly and fall in love with pigs. Zeus ultimately contracted jaw bone cancer and heart disease and passed away easily and peacefully, thankful for a loved life, and relieved that he could escape a failing body. We will miss and love Zeus till the end of our days and whoever met him was blessed!

Zeus's Success With CBD

Farm pigs are genetically engineered to grow very big, very fast, so they can go to slaughter at 6 months old, as babies. When we rescue them and they grow till 3 like they’re supposed to, they end up being abnormally huge and have mobility issues once they’re adults. Unlike most farm pigs who typically live till 4 or 5, Zeus has made it till 12 years old. He is the oldest pig in the history of The Gentle Barn and we are thrilled! Naturally, we want even more time with him. Before the CBD, Zeus was only coming out of his room once a day, and straining and shaking while he walked. Once he started eating CBD in his food, he started running around the yard, splashing in his pool, and socializing with his friends 5 or 6 times a day, and walking strong with no quiver. He is bright, happy, strong, and feeling great! The CBD gave him a much better quality of life, and for that were extremely grateful!

Sponsorship Benefits

When you sponsor an animal for yourself or as a gift, you will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship, which includes your animal friend's bio, and a beautiful photo!

You will also receive monthly updates by email letting you know how your animal friend is doing as well as an updated photo.