Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

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Sponsoring an animal at The Gentle Barn enables us to continue saving and caring for some of the most vulnerable and neglected animals.

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Meet Whisper & Read Her Story

Whisper was a riding horse and took great care of her passengers. After a few years, her people did not have time for her and gave her to a man down the road who wanted to use her to rope and catch cows. Whisper had never done that before and was unsure of what she was being asked to do. Instead of showing her, or teaching her what to do, the man just beat her every time she didn’t respond to his commands. By the time we saved her from Northern California, she had cigar burns on her rump, holes on either side of her from the spurs, and was emotionally broken.

In order for Whisper to be truly happy and free of her past, she had to express her anger. So we had to take her back to the scene of the crime by sitting on her and asking her to do little things that she knew how to do. When we gave her a request, she would buck, kick, rear, and spin around. Instead of stopping her, we sat quietly on her and asked her to tell us more. Every time she raged, she was a little bit lighter, until finally she was free of her anger and could move on to her happily ever after. Whisper is now retired and will never be disrespected again. Instead she is groomed, given treats, and taken for hand walks every day.

It took four long years of patience and hard work to help Whisper get free from the anger and hurt inside her. Today, Whisper is a fan favorite among the at-risk children we host, who share the same story. Whisper inspires them to express their anger and find a way to joy and second chances. Happy birthday, Whisper, we love you!

Whisper's Success With CBD

Whisper had a horrible limp. We gave her acupuncture and massage which made her feel great, but did not resolve the limp. We brought in our veterinarian who took X-rays and examined her. He said that Whisper had an irreversible condition called Ringbone, will always have a limp, and will need anti inflammatory medication for the rest of her life. Not wanting to accept that prognosis I was thrilled to try the CBD! Within a month Whisper’s limp was gone, was completely off her meds, and walking around the barnyard comfortable and happy. She’ll be on CBD for the rest of her life which will have no side effects and will be safe for her kidneys, liver, and stomach!

Sponsorship Benefits

When you sponsor an animal for yourself or as a gift, you will receive in the mail a Certificate of Sponsorship, which includes your animal friend's bio, and a beautiful photo!

You will also receive monthly updates by email letting you know how your animal friend is doing as well as an updated photo.