Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other
Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other

Meet Stanley the Sheep (In Memoriam)

Stanley the SheepStanley was born as a twin in an agricultural college. The school kept the brother and his mom to breed again but was going to send Stanley to the auction. Thankfully we were able to bring him home to The Gentle Barn instead. We tried so hard to get his mom and twin also but were denied. When he came home to us we were unable to comfort him. Desperate to help him, we brought our elder sheep, Josh in quarantine to be with him. Stanley took to Josh right away and with his friendship, he started eating, playing, exploring, and trusting us. Once done with quarantine, Josh took Staley around to the other animals one by one, introduced him, and made sure that everyone was kind to him.

Stanley has been a major presence in our Barnyard ever since he arrived. He was hard to miss, after all, being out tallest sheep in the barnyard! Stanley loved children and would be so patient as they marveled over him and gently brushed out his beautiful thick wool. He has had so many sponsors over the years and was even famous in Germany! Stanley was dearly loved by everyone in his flock, and all the female sheep followed him everywhere.

Stanley the Sheep with Chicken

Stanley lived thirteen years with us, way past his life expectancy. We are forever grateful that Stanley got to bless us all with his beautiful spirit! It was our greatest honor to walk him home once he was ready for his next journey. We envision him being welcomed home by Josh and the rest of his family who have passed before him!

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