Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other
Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other

Read Snoopy's Story (In Memoriam)

Snoopy was rescued from a hoarder with a few other pigs and 500 other animals. She suffered terribly when she was there with no food, extreme temperatures, and much cruelty. When we rescued her and brought her home she was very angry. She would charge us with her teeth bared try to take a chunk out of anyone she could. We all walked around with metal trash can lids as shields for months. Eventually she let go of her anger and accepted her happily ever after with us. She was still a bit defensive about being touched but in the last year that she was with us she really turned a corner and allowed us to pet her, rolling over right away from a tummy rub. She was the strongest, most opinionated, most powerful being I have ever met and she completely stole our hearts. We have no idea of her exact age, but she was at least 14 years old, if not much older. One day she did not eat breakfast, which was unusual for her, and she seemed to be breathing heavily. We took her right away to the vet hospital to have her examined. After blood work, X rays and ultrasounds the vet determined that she had a huge tumor on her heart pressing against her lungs. Because of her age and the placement of the tumor the vet recommended that we help Snoopy cross over so she would not suffer. Snoopy left easily and peacefully and is now completely free of any pain. But she left us with a huge Snoopy sized hole in our hearts which we will never get over. I miss her yelling at me. I miss her grouchy face. I miss her soft surrender and her adorable, soft, sweet tummy rubs.

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