Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other
Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other

Read Scout's Story (In Memoriam)

Scout was found standing in the rain on a vacant lot with no food, water, or shelter. His coat was bleached from the sun, his hooves were way too long, and he had no muscle tone from lack of exercise. After uncovering who was responsible for him, we learned that he was being used in a rodeo. We tried to convince the man to release Scout to us, but he was unwilling. Three months later, after being cited by animal control for neglect, the man finally relinquished Scout over to us.

We put Scout on an exercise routine to build up muscle tone, treated him with deep tissue equine massage therapy, gave him top quality feed and supplements to help him gain weight and strength, and trimmed his overgrown hooves and teeth. He was gorgeous! But more impressive than his looks, we discovered that Scout was quite the charmer. He would follow us around to be with us, greet us at the gate, and when we groomed him, he would groom us back!

Scout was also a healer. When groups of disabled people would come to visit, Scout would go to the most disabled and groom them until they would smile. He truly gave back what he received.

Scout left us after a great battle with colic. Colic usually describes any stomach issue with a horse. But it turned out that he had a tumor that was cutting off his intestinal flow. We spent $9,000 trying to save him.

Scout wasn't just a horse to us though. He was a teacher! He taught us tolerance, respect, unbelievable strength and unconditional love. Sometimes when we are out with the other horses, we swear that he is with us and can feel him grooming the backs of our necks. Scout we miss and love you!

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