Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other
Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other

Read Lucy's Story (In Memoriam)

Lucy was rescued with two other cows from a very wealthy man who had many exotic animals as pets. When he sadly lost everything in the stock market crash in 2007, all the animals were sold. But the cows were going to go to slaughter. The staff thought that unfair and reached out asking us to give them a forever home. Lucy loved affection and could not get enough attention from us. She loved posing for pictures, holding still for hugs, and giving her energy to all who needed it. Lucy was so giving that when we had an orphan calf needing a friend, we thought of her right away. Lucy loved our calf Ferdinand so much that she produced milk for him and officially adopted him as her own. She nurse him three times a day, gave him a bath, and put him to bed each night. She was older by that time, in her late teens, and had already developed mobility issues. For over a year we did everything we could to keep Lucy mobile, comfortable, and strong. We gave her rich hay and grain to keep weight on her, acupuncture and massage therapy to keep her walking, Sun Chlorella to boost her immune system, and CBD for comfort. In that year Lucy was able to heal Ferdinands heart, raise him, show him how to be an ambassador, and introduce him to the others cows. One day without warning, Lucy could not stand up and after trying everything we could, the veterinarian ran out of options and helped Lucy out of her body so she wouldn’t suffer. Lucy left an enormous legacy behind, and she will always live on in Ferdinand and all of us who’s hearts she healed, opened, and loved so much!

Lucy's Success With CBD

Lucy was an older cow who adopted an orphaned calf and loved him so much that she produced milk for him. Because she was older, she had mobility issues with her hind end where it was harder to get up and down, and she was favoring one of her hind legs. Keeping Lucy strong, comfortable, mobile, and thriving was of the upmost importance not only so she’ll feel good, and so could have Lucy in our lives longer, but there was a baby counting on her who needed her for as long as possible! When we started giving the CBD pellets to Lucy, she ate in with no problem. And she soon started walking faster, standing up and down with more ease, and feeling better. Lucy used to have a pinched, painful expression on her face, and with CBD it was completely gone. For the last six months of her life Lucy looked peaceful, relaxed, and full of ease. Lucy’s body filled out, her hair began to shine and glow, and she looked younger and healthier. Even though her size and age ultimately brought her life to a close, because of CBD, for the last stretch of her life, Lucy was able to feel great as she held still for hugs, nursed her son, and meditated in the sun, and for that we are eternally grateful!

Sponsorship Benefits

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