Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other
Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other

Read Cybil's Story (In Memoriam)

A family raised Cybil until she was about a year old, and then moved out of state and abandoned her on the front lawn. She waited for months for them to come back for her, but they never did. A new family moved into her house and did not want her there. They tried to convince her to leave by turning the hose on her and throwing rocks at her. The neighbors tried to catch her but she would allow no one close to her. She survived by eating out of the trash. She then got pregnant and was run over by a police car doing a high speed car chase in the neighborhood. They scraped her off the street and were able to save her, but were unable to save her puppies. She was then placed in the care of a rescue agency who had no foster homes so she was put into a kennel for five months.

When we took her in she was terrified of humans and acted more like a wild coyote than a domesticated dog. It took us 8 months of intense therapy till we could touch her, another two years for her to trust visitors, and another three years to trust people outside the house.

After much patience and time Cybil finally chose to put her past behind her. In the last five years of her life she was a normal dog; sweet and kind to everyone she met, trusting of strangers and safe for all children.

Now that her heart and mind were totally healthy, Cybil's body started showing its age. Her hips started getting weak, her hearing went completely, and she spent most of her days sleeping. We treated her with acupuncture and chiropractics to keep her walking, herbs and algae to keep her strong. Our Cybil lasted for eighteen years! She actually walked until the last couple of weeks. We are grateful to have known her and to have been her family. She was an elegant lady and a tough old broad, all at the same time!

We are grateful for Dr. Susan Meisenger, Cybil's acupuncturist, for keeping her walking and giving us extra years with her!

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