Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other
Inspiring Kindness and Compassion towards Animals, Our Planet, and Each Other

Magic (CA Horse)
Merlin (TN Goat)
Chico (MO Cow)

Father’s Day is coming, and it is time to let our dads know how much we appreciate their hard work, strength, and love. The relationships between fathers and their children is not just prevalent in the human world, but in the entire animal kingdom. Fathers of all species love and ensure their families survival.

Over the twenty-four-year history of The Gentle Barn, we have had many mommy animals when we rescue pregnant moms or moms with tiny babies, but we have only had a few dads. We have taken enormous pleasure in watching the ones we have had interact with their wives and children, and prove over and over again that animal dads love their families as much as human dads do!

This Father's Day, give that special father (or father figure) in your life a token of appreciation for always being there. Share the love of the barnyard along with Magic (CA), Chico (MO) or Merlin (TN) and support the spreading of love, empathy and healing of animals.

At The Gentle Barn, our programs have helped trauma victims, children, veterans and many others find emotional solace and healing in a safe space.

A donation of $15 or more in your loved one's name will help support our programs and expand its availability. In return, you will receive a digital card with a photo and greeting from your chosen animal. The card comes ready to print on the paper of your choice and will be addressed to the recipient from you.

Your digital card will be delivered to your named person on fathers's day morning, as well as you will be able to download within 3- 5 min of placing donation from a link provided on your receipt.

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Fathers of The Barn Yard

Celebrate fathers all year long with an animal sponsorship.

Chico - MO
Chico - MO
Cow - MO

Chico was sent to slaughter with 5 other young cows, but he wanted to live. Chico, wise beyond his years, led the others through three fences and ran…

Henry - TN
Henry - TN
Pig - TN

Henry and his late brother, Horton were found running down the street, emaciated, covered in ticks, and terrified; clearly escaping an undesirable fate.…

Merlin - TN
Merlin - TN
Goat - TN

Merlin was taken in when the lovely man who told us about Lolli and her mom Minnie Mae later told us he also knew who her dad was. We always strive…

Luke Skywalker - TN
Luke Skywalker - TN
Turkey - TN

Luke was rescued from slaughter just before Thanksgiving in 2015. He came from a very scary place where he was kept in terrible conditions, handled…

Sponsorship Benefits

When you sponsor an animal for yourself or as a gift, you will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship, which includes your animal friend's bio, and a beautiful photo!

You will also receive monthly updates by email letting you know how your animal friend is doing as well as an updated photo.