The Gentle Barn: The Inside Scoop


My name is Olivia and I have been volunteering at The Gentle Barn for close to 5 years. I volunteer at both of their properties and just love working with the animals! At the main property I come on Sundays and work with their blind cow Faith - I tell her story and take care of the cow area by keeping it clean…

Team Dudley


At The Gentle Barn when someone calls and asks for our help, or, we find out about an animal who is suffering and has no one else, we try our best to lend a hand in some way. This week, we got a call from a woman and heard the most horrific story.

A cattle rancher in Tennessee spent…

Meatless Monday: Pizza Dough

Dudley In Tennessee

At The Gentle Barn, when someone calls…

Recycling In The Barn



At The Gentle Barn, we spend a lot of time trying to figure out why someone or something has to die for us to celebrate. For…

The Gentle Barn: The Inside Scoop


The Gentle Barn is something that I believe in with my entire being and am whole-heartedly committed to. I have been with The Gentle Barn for almost 6 years and, after working as a volunteer for 2 years, I am now lucky enough to call this place my job, family, and home.


Karma and Her Two Boys


A few years ago, we were able to save a few cows…

First Rescue of 2015!


Last month, there was an emu loose in Santa Clarita. Animal control was called and after two hours they were finally able to catch him and bring him to the shelter. After several weeks, no one came to claim him or adopt him. Finally, the shelter called us and asked if…

Gentle Barn: The Inside Scoop


I have volunteered in the upper barnyard at the Gentle Barn for over 3 years. I work a shift during the week. I particularly enjoy this time because it is quiet and peaceful, usually just me and the animals. Many of the goats and sheep come up to be petted and stroked - they are…

The Gift Is In The Giving



Every year we host a group of children from the projects in South Central Los Angeles, brought in by The Los Angeles police…

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