A Gentle Giant


Biscuit had his 9th birthday celebration this past Sunday and he loved the cake and the singing so much. He ate most of the cake and then left some for the other pigs to enjoy. It’s a really big deal that he just turned 9 as most farmed pigs don’t live that…

Earth Day


What Will You Do This Earth Day To Support The Planet?

Ellie Laks Explains Why A Plant-based Diet Is So Important To The Environment

Santa Clarita, CA (April…

Passing The Torch



This week we…

Sun Dance


After being taken away from his mom and brought to the animal shelter at a day old, after a month of quarantine, several trips to the veterinary hospital, and countless hours in the care of our staff and volunteers, Sun Dance is finally ready…

Team Dudley


We are now in the most critical time for Dudley, getting his leg used to wearing a prosthesis. If we just put it on all day long, his leg will swell and develop blisters. It needs to be put on and taken off so that his leg adjusts…

Samaritan Magazine


The Gentle Barn was feature in an article in Samaritan Mag! Read the full article here:  http://www.samaritanmag.com/features/gentle-barn-where-horses-talk-cows-heal-and-kids-transform

Dudley- One Green Planet


Dudley's story is spreading all over the world! Have you seen his article in One Green Planet yet? Read it here: 


There Are Angels Everywhere!


In Massachusetts there lives a man and a woman who were third generation dairy farmers. Cows have milk just like any other mammal, as breast milk for their babies. Just like dogs, horses, or humans, cows only have breast…

Benjamin Earl


Our new emu, Benjamin Earl, was named in an auction on social media. A woman named him in memory of her late dad. Our Benjamin Earl carries the memory and the spirit of this wonderful man, so we asked her to tell us what her dad was like. This is what she wrote:

“My dad,…

Team Dudley


Dudley had a spot on the front of his leg that was rubbing raw and creating a bad fit with his prosthesis. Dr. Anderson from the University of Tennessee took x-rays to see what was going on and saw that Dudley was developing abnormal bone growth in that spot created by his original injury. Dudley…

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