Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.
Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.

The Gentle Barn Animals

Heather - Turkey - Tennessee

Heather was rescued along with two other turkeys in Tennessee, in 2015. She was just a baby and was scared to death of everyone and everything. It will take us a while, but we will keep giving her time, love, and treats…

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Worthy - Horse - Tennessee

Worthy was born with a deformed leg and was kept by someone who could not afford to feed her, let alone to give her the surgery she needed. She hobbled along for a year and by the time we found her she was grossly underweight,…

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Eclipse - Cow - Tennessee

Eclipse was born on September 16th, 2016 during a once in a lifetime eclipse of a Harvest moon. She was born to her mom, Maybelle who was pregnant when we rescued her. Maybelle was a never allowed to keep her babies. Eclipse…

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Rick Springfield - Chicken - Tennessee

Rick Springfield was found at The Nashville international airport. No one really knows why he was living there, I guess he was just waiting to catch a flight to The Gentle Barn. He was named in honor of his name sake's…

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Maybelle - Cow - Tennessee

Maybelle was a dairy cow her whole life. When it was time for Maybelle to retire, her family wanted to thank her for her lifetime of service, so instead of sending her to slaughter, her family allowed her to come to The…

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Henry - Pig - Tennessee

Henry was rescued from slaughter. He was scared of people at first but after a few days he settled in nicely and learned to trust us. He now rolls over for tummy rubs, comes running when he sees us, is always playing,…

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Destiny - Cow - Tennessee

Destiny was born and raised on a beef ranch. When she was born, she had an umbilical cord infection which went into her blood stream and settled in her right front leg. The vet did not want to give her antibiotics or…

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Jesse's Girl - Chicken - Tennessee

Jesse's Girl came to live at The Gentle Barn to keep our rooster, Rick Springfield company. She is very affectionate and loves to fall asleep in our laps. She will be one of Rick's Chicks forever!

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Dudley - Cow - Tennessee

Dudley was taken away from his mom when he was only a month or so old. He was then sent to a ranch along with many other cows to be fattened up and sent to slaughter. He had gotten into some bailing twine which wrapped…

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Lillie - Pig - Tennessee

A hero was at a gas station and saw a truck full of baby pigs that were going to be fattened up for slaughter. He could see that the piglets were hot and dehydrated and noticed one at the very back who was the smallest,…

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Chris - Horse - Tennessee

Chris was rescued along with our horses, Indie and Worthy from gross neglect. When we rescued them he was underweight, malnourished, had overgrown hooves, rotten teeth, skin fungus, and was terrified of people. It took…

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Indie - Horse - Tennessee

Indie was saved along with our other horses, Chris and Worthy from gross neglect. They were all underweight, malnourished, and terrified of humans. Indie was the mother figure for the three horses, so when Worthy went…

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Dream - Pig - Tennessee

We got Dream from a woman who could not keep or care for her. Fearing that she would end up slaughtered, we took her in. Dream was scared of everything and everyone and it took a lot of patience and love to show her that…

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Horton - Pig - Tennessee

Horton was rescued from Slaughter. He was covered in ticks, emaciated, malnourished and extremely shy and nervous of us when we took him in. With consistent meals, Sun Chlorella Algae Super Food to boost his immune…

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Peyton Manning - Turkey - Tennessee

Peyton Manning was rescued along with two other turkeys from Thanksgiving in Tennessee, in 2015. He was just a small baby and needed a mom. He has seen the worst things done to other turkeys and fears it will be done to…

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Miles - Cow - Tennessee

Miles mom was a dairy cow. In order for the family to drink the milk, Miles had to be taken away from her and weaned early. When Maybelle was ready to be retired we were able to bring her home to live with us instead of…

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Daisy - Horse - Tennessee

When we opened The Gentle Barn Tennessee, Daisy was our landlords horse and in a pasture just beyond our property line. She was all alone and would pace her fence line all day long crying out to our horses and longing…

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Sponsorship Benefits

When you sponsor an animal for yourself or as a gift, you will receive in the mail a Certificate of Sponsorship, your animal friend's bio, and a beautiful 5x7 photo!

You will also receive monthly updates by email letting you know how your animal friend is doing as well as an updated photo.