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Drive-Thru Event Information & Audio Download

Closed Through 2020 Due to COVID restriction guidelines

Please know that though you will be in your cars during A Gentle Drive-Thru Experience you will not be alone. We have orchestrated a whole event that will put Ellie and Jay right beside you all the way virtually.

You see, Ellie and Jay have already done the drive-thru and they will be sharing with you stories, fun facts, and information to keep you entertained and informed all along the way. So cool, right?!

First, here are a few quick bulleted housekeeping items to note.

  2. You are to remain in your cars at all times
  3. There will be a porta-potty available at each of the properties, but it would be best for your own enjoyment and safety to go ahead of time if possible and remain in your vehicle.
  4. We will be providing lunch to your cars just after arrival. Along your adventure, you will also receive a popcorn snack at our main Gentle Barn location.
  5. We will only have food for number of guest noted on your ticket
  6. You must arrive on time or you may be moved to the next experience.

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