Recent Rescues - California

TN Turkeys

These three lovely ladies were rescued in TN from Thanksgiving. They had seen horrible things done to turkeys in front of them and have been waiting for the same to be done to them. Every day we sit with them, read to them, sing to them, and show them love and kindness. One day they will know that they are safe and loved here with us and will be apart of our family forever.

CA Turkeys

These 5 turkeys were rescued from slaughter just before Thanksgiving. They were very scared at first but because they are young their fear soon gave way to curiosity. They are getting used to us and learning that they are safe. They will soon be in our laps as cuddle turkeys and their pasts will be far behind them. They will stay together as part of our family for the rest of their lives.


Jasmine was hatched with deformed toes and she could not walk and we were asked to help. We took her to our avian specialist who straightened her toes. After a week in the hospital she came home to The Gentle Barn to be part of our family. But she needed a mommy because chicks are not designed to be alone and she would not be safe with the other animals until she was bigger. So Gentle Barn Founder, Ellie Laks took Jasmine in to her home and is raising her until she is big enough to be in the barnyard. She is growing fast and is so much fun to have around!

Sage & Oliver

Sage and his friend Oliver were born in the dairy industry and taken away from their moms when the were a day old and put into a veal crate so they would not move around and their meat would be mushy and soft. After a month in the crate they were taken for a 4H project. The project was to help kids learn responsibility by caring for Sage and Oliver, feeding them, training them, and loving them, and at 12 weeks old to send them to slaughter. Days before they were to go to slaughter the girls who raised Sage and Oliver decided to save them instead and allowed us to have them for the rest of their life. Sage and Oliver are growing fast and are very curious and playful and will be safe and a part of our family for the rest of their lives.


Daisy was actually owned by our landlord in Tennessee. She was well taken care of but terribly lonely. After several weeks of seeing her calling to our horses, we could not stand her loneliness anymore and asked the landlord if we could have her. Daisy gets along well with our other horses, Worthy, Indie and Chris and the four of them now spend their days together grazing, playing, and enjoying life. Daisy gets groomed every day along with the others and she is very happy to be part of The Gentle Barn Tennessee family.

Rick Springfield, Rosy & Jesse's Girl


Rick Springfield was living in the Nashville International Airport for months. We do not know how he got there, but with constant noise, traffic, and little food, it was not the ideal place for a chicken to live. A caring person brought him to our attention and we went out to bring him home to The Gentle Barn. He was scared of people and it took several hours to catch him, but once we did we brought him home to the tranquil, beautiful Gentle Barn where he gets fed like royalty and has learned to trust people. We can even hold and pet him. Not wanting him to be lonely, we brought two girls home to be with him; Rosy and Jesse's Girl. The three have turned into lap chickens and will be a part of our Gentle Barn Tennessee family for the rest of their lives.



Destiny was born and raised on a beef ranch. When she was born she had an umbilical cord infection, which went into her blood stream and settled in her shoulder. For months she could not walk and her shoulder was huge, hot and inflamed. Because she was meant to be eaten the veterinarian would not give her antibiotics, pain meds, or anti inflammatory medication. The body, in an effort to heal, fused her elbow together, taking away her pain but leaving her with compromised mobility. The rancher felt sorry for her and instead of sending her to slaughter, asked us to take her. There is no way of correcting the fused bones, but with muse support we can help her walk comfortably for years to come. Destiny gets acupuncture, massage therapy, light therapy, and ultrasound each week and we stretch her leg every day. Destiny is strong willed yet very affectionate and loving. She will spend the rest of her life at The Gentle Barn Tennessee demonstrating resilience and perseverance to at risk children. 

Horton & Henry


Horton and Henry were rescued from slaughter. When we brought them home they were covered in ticks, malnourished, underweight, and terrified of humans. With time, proper nutrition, and kindness they started trusting us. Within a few weeks at The Gentle Barn Tennessee they ran to us and with the slightest touch, rolled over for tummy rubs. They love rolling in the mud, playing chase, and being in our laps getting the love all pigs deserve.



Dudley was taken away from his mom when he was only a month or so old. He was then sent to a ranch along with many other cows to be fattened up and sent to slaughter. He had gotten into some bailing twine which wrapped around his foot, cut off the circulation, and caused his foot to fall off. In a rare case of compassion, the rancher elected not to send him to slaughter with the others, but to try to help him. He healed the infection but then Dudley was left to hobble around a pasture for 10 months. His body was deteriorating and he was in need of further help. Dudley was brought to our attention, we were able to bring him to University Tennessee Knoxville, and after multiple surgeries provide a prosthetic foot for him. He now can run, play, graze, and enjoy life for the first time. Dudley will spend the rest of his life at The Gentle Barn Tennessee giving hope and inspiration to children and adults with physical challenges of their own.



Earl was found running around loose after escaping a farm. Animal control spent two hours chasing him and finally darted, and caught him. At the animal shelter, he was never claimed or adopted and eventually they asked us to please take him. He was terrified of humans at first but with lots of patience and time he finally learned he was safe at The Gentle Barn. Earl has started allowing visitors to pet him and has made many friends with the other animals. Earl will continue to acclimate and settle in and will spend the rest of his life here charming visitors with his dinosaur feet, orange eyes, and fluffy head.



Annie was living on the streets, emaciated and terrified. She was eventually hit by a car and brought to the animal shelter with a broken pelvis. On the day she was going to be euthanized, we brought her home to The Gentle Barn to get the care, love, and family that she deserved. Annie has been receiving vet care, acupuncture, massage therapy, and ultrasound for her broken pelvis and it is mending nicely. Annie is finally in a home where she is loved and adored and her every need taken care of.

Sun Dance


Sun Dance was orphaned at only a day old and brought to the animal shelter. As high kill shelters do not have staff to bottle feed babies, we were asked to take him. Delighted to have a baby, we took Sun Dance home to The Gentle Barn to be part of our family. Because Sun Dance did not get the colostrum or the milk he needed when he was born, he had a suppressed immune system and was very sick for a long time. He spent several days at the hospital and was on meds and Sun Chlorella Algae Super food for a long time. To boost his immune system and give him something to live for, we had volunteers spend time with him round the clock; he was never alone. They read to him, sang songs to him, and cuddled him when he slept. After a month of high temperatures, coughs and runny noses, Sun Dance was finally well enough to be neutered and come to our main location to join our herd. Nervous that the other goats and sheep might reject him, we sent one of our matriarchal and very nurturing goats, Ginger, to be with him at our Sun Chlorella Healing Center before we brought him to our main location. Ginger and Sun Dance spent two weeks together and became great friends. Once bonded, we brought them both to our main location and with Ginger introducing and keeping an eye on him, he was well received and everyone welcomed him into the family. Sun Dance is still being bottle-fed and it will be a while until he is grown and independent. In the meantime, we are loving him and raising him as our own.



Hero was one of the animals rescued from the backyard butcher cruelty case a few years ago. After recovering from her abuse, she flourished at The Gentle Barn. It is very common for older horses with lighter pigmentation, especially appaloosas, to develop problems with their eyes later in life. Sure enough Hero started to have issues and it escalated pretty fast. She spent several weeks at the equine hospital trying to resolve the issues to no avail. Then we brought her to an ophthalmologist who said if we stand any chance at saving her eyes we need to get her to a hospital with eye specialists on staff. We loaded Hero in the trailer and brought her to U.C. Davis right away. While there she sadly lost her left eye, but we set our sights on saving her right eye and preserving her eyesight. Hero spent several weeks at the hospital and after that, months with round the clock eye drops and treatments. After much hard work, patience, and dedication we were able to save her right eye and Hero can see! She has gone through so much but is finally so happy now!



Milo was given to a family for a Christmas present but not wanted. The family left him alone in the backyard for nine years. When the family divorced, Milo was taken to the pound to be put to sleep. We heard about it and were able to intervene and bring him home to The Gentle Barn where he will be wanted and taken care of for the rest of his life. Milo has heart problems and is under the care of a cardiologist and receives weekly acupuncture and vet visits. Because Milo’s conditions needs to be managed and monitored for the rest of his life, he will live permanently at a Gentle Barn foster home where he will be inside, sleeping in the bed, playing with other dogs, and be loved for the rest of his life.

Paloma, Scarlett, Nalla & McKenna

We rescue turkeys from Thanksgiving every year. This year we saved four turkeys from being eaten: Paloma, Scarlett, Nalla, and McKenna Rockett. They were all terrified of humans, filthy, and sick. We spent several weeks giving them Sun Chlorella Algae Super food and veterinary care and slowly they recovered and learned to trust us. Paloma loves to explore and sing, and Scarlett loves to hear how beautiful she is. Nalla and McKenna Rockett are turning into cuddle turkeys and are very affectionate. They will be part of our family for the rest of their lives and during their stay they will be ambassadors for their kind and show people how beautiful and wonderful turkeys truly are.

Sid & Sam


Sid and Sam lived in a backyard their whole lives. At the age of fifteen, they were brought to the animal shelter to be put down because the family was moving. They were overweight, arthritic, and seemed so sad. We brought them home to The Gentle Barn where they are eating top quality food, exercising, and living indoors knowing that they matter. They smile all the time now and are so very happy, probably for the first time in their lives. Because of their ongoing issues with pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, Sid and Sam will live at The Gentle Barn foster home for the rest of their lives getting acupuncture, massage therapy, water therapy, and love for the rest of their lives.

Worthy, Indie & Chris


Worthy was born in South Carolina with a limb deformity that should have been addressed when she was a newborn. However, she was left to hobble along in pain for a year. When we rescued Worthy, her mom, Indie, and her brother, Chris, could hardly walk and all three were emaciated, malnourished, and terrified. The vet in South Carolina recommended we put her down because her mobility was compromised and she was already in pain. We believe everyone deserves a chance, so instead we found a vet in Kentucky who specializes in this type of surgery in yearlings. We transported her to Kentucky for radiographs and an exam from the surgeon there. He said that Worthy was the worst case he had ever seen yet he would give surgery a shot as long as we were aware of the risks. Worthy had surgery and after six months in the hospital, several casts, and a leg brace, she was finally healed. Worthy, Indie, and Chris are still in Kentucky awaiting their Gentle Barn East Coast home. One day soon they will be at The Gentle Barn giving hope and inspiration to thousands of people who have physical differences and challenges as well.

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Rocky was found lying in a pasture after a coyote attack. We were called to help. When we found him we were not even sure he was alive because he was hurt so badly. When we saw his face, we were relieved to find him still breathing. We rushed him to the hospital for emergency surgery and they were able to rid him of infection and stitch him back together. Rocky was in a foster home and under medical supervision for many months but he finally healed and became a happy, healthy dog again. After many attempts to find his family, we found a wonderful forever home for him where he is cherished and loved every day.

Backyard Butcher


We discovered a backyard butcher, who was not only raising the animals to slaughter in his backyard, but he was not feeding them. They had no clean water, they were not given medical attention, and most of the animals were emaciated, malnourished, and terrified. He eventually caught the attention of animal control who in time arrested him and brought all the animals to us. We have taken in over sixty animals from his place, including horses, cows, goats, sheep, turkeys, and a cat. They were all so very sick with wracking coughs, high fevers, pneumonias, and fear issues. We worked round the clock with vet care, Sun Chlorella Super Food, and lots of love to give them something to live for, and finally the light in their eyes began to shine and they started to recover. Many of the animals came in pregnant and they will stay with their family and friends for the rest of their lives, at The Gentle Barn.

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Charlie & Lacey


Charlie and Lacey were brought to the animal shelter because they were old. They were arthritic and incontinent and so very sad. We didn’t believe that they deserved to go down that way and brought them home to The Gentle Barn instead. After giving them a bath because they were infested with fleas and filthy, we brought them inside the house for the first time in their lives. Charlie and Lacey became our family and we gave them the dignity, care, and devotion that they deserved all along. With acupuncture, chiropractic, ultrasound, massage therapy, underwater treadmill therapy, and Sun Chlorella Super Food they were able to walk and wait to go to the bathroom outside. They loved rides in the car, walks around the barnyard and neighborhood, and cuddling on the bed at night. Eventually old age got the better of them, but the years with Charlie and Lacey will forever be in our hearts, and we know it was the best year of their life as well.



Aretha was rescued from slaughter and knew it. When she arrived at The Gentle Barn, she was terrified every time she saw a human, thinking that we were going to kill her. We told her every day that she was family and that we would love her every day. It took us a year to convince her and she finally believed us. She now allows visitors to pet and even hug her. She is an amazing ambassador to the children we host, demonstrating courage and second chances.

Mercy, Bob, Roy & Ari



We were given a rare opportunity to rescue four calves from a cattle company in Texas. We drove there and got the calves out of veal crates and rushed them home as fast as we could since they were very sick and needed immediate medical attention. In the dairy industry the only way to get milk from a cow is to get them pregnant, as it is breast milk for babies, like any other mammal. Once the babies are born, they don’t want the babies, they just want the breast milk, and so the babies are taken away and put into veal crates so the muscles don’t develop and the meat is soft and mushy. The breast milk is then stolen for people to drink. The calves are left in the veal crates for eight weeks and if they are still alive, they are slaughtered for veal. These calves had been in the veal crates for six weeks with no exercise, no love or proper nutrition, and were dying. We got them home to The Gentle Barn just in time to save their lives. We spent months with round the clock care, Sun Chlorella Super Food to boost their immune systems, and round the clock TLC to give them something to live for, and they finally recovered. Mercy, Bob, Roy and Ari are now healthy, big, strong, and very happy at The Gentle Barn.

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Holy & Madonna


Holy and Madonna were rescued from slaughter at the last minute when they were only eight weeks old. They were both very sick and malnourished, and Holy could not walk. Our veterinarian recommended euthanizing Holy but we wanted to try to help her. We hired a chiropractor to straighten her spine and once her spine was no longer the issue, we helped her build muscle and get used to walking for the first time. Holy and Madonna are healthy, happy, and big beautiful girls now. It took a lot to save them and help them recover from their abuse but their joyful faces reward us every day!