Recent Rescues


December 3, 2013

This morning, The Gentle Barn received a phone call about a pug who was attacked by a coyote, was lying in a horse pasture and was still alive, but barely. Jay and Ellie rushed over there and found the little guy lying on the ground with a huge gash in his back and wounds on his neck, near his jugular. Judging by the way his wounds looked he was lying there for hours, probably all night. They explained to him that they were there to help and picked him up and rushed him to the hospital for emergency surgery.

December 10, 2013

Rakki is in a foster home getting lots of TLC. He follows the foster dad around everywhere, he snores at night, he does a happy dance when he is excited, and he is kind to everyone. We have exhausted all efforts to find his family and if by the end of the week we still cannot, we will be looking for a forever home for him.

January 8, 2014

After an extensive surgery and several days in the hospital he recovered, got his stitches removed and is now in his forever home as happy as can be. What a great guy and a happy ending!


October 21, 2013

Millo was given to a family as a gift. Sadly they didn't want him so they tossed him into the backyard where he stayed by himself for 9 years. Recently the couple got divorced and they didn't want him, so they were going to bring him to the pound to be put to sleep but we intervened and brought him to The Gentle Barn instead. He is now in a very loving foster home and is sleeping in their bed at night and cuddling in their arms during the day. He now knows what toys are and what love is! Because the previous family broke his heart, he has a heart condition which we are treating. Hopefully with time we can heal his heart both literally and figuratively!

November 4, 2013

He is now sleeping in bed with his foster mom, playing with other dogs and now knows what fun toys are! Thanks for supporting us so we can save animals like Milo!

Thanksgiving 2013

October 14, 2013

We were able to save three lives today. They are safe and happy here tonight, settling in, eating a lot and sleeping well after their big day of traveling home to The Gentle Barn. They were raised in cages so their feet have never before touched the ground. They are loving the stray and making happy noises!

November 23, 2013

Their names are Barry, Honor and Grateful and they had never breathed the fresh air or felt the warm sun on their faces. Soon they will be out of quarantine and their whole lives will be one great adventure; chasing bugs, sun bathing, rolling in a nice sand bath, making friends and exploring. They are learning that we are their friends and we will love and care for them for the rest of her lives.

Charlie and Lacey

April 21,2013

We saved the lives of two senior dogs who have been together for 14 years and because they are slowing down and have arthritis were left at the animal shelter. They don't deserve to go down that way, so we brought them home to The Gentle Barn. They need a lot of TLC, vet care, good food and therapy but we think they are worth it. They were both covered in fleas and filthy, so the first thing we did was take them to have a good bubble bath!

April 24, 2013

Charlie and Lacey will stay at a foster home through their rehabilitation. They get weekly acupuncture, massage therapy, cold laser and aqua therapy. They had so much trouble walking when we rescued them and now they are already much stronger. They are both the most humble, grateful, loving dogs and we are so very happy we get to help them, know them and love them!

April 29, 2013

When we saved Charlie and Lacey they could barely walk. Today Charlie ran! Every day they go for a walk just a tiny bit farther than the day before, they are developing muscles and strength and a will to live. Charlie's back legs would cross and it would make him fall down. His legs don't do that anymore and he seems so stable. The only time he slips now is on the hardwood floor so we got him and Lacey little booties to give them some grip.

June 28, 2013

Charlie and Lacey love their new forever home! They continue to have weekly therapy appointments and they are so full of life! After being in a backyard for 14 years, they are finally learning what a true home is.

Horse Rescue

February 16, 2013

This filly was born in South Carolina with a limb deformity that should have been addressed when she was a newborn, but instead she was left to hobble along in pain for a year. The local vet recommended to put her down, but we believe everyone deserves a chance, so instead we found a vet in Kentucky who specializes in this type of surgery in yearlings. We are going to transport her to Kentucky on Friday for radiographs, then surgery next week to correct her leg. We named her "Worthy" and she will run and gallop and play, pain free for the first time in her life, for the rest of her life. Thanks for helping us heal her!

February 23, 2013

Worthy and her mom Indie have arrived safe and sound to the equine hospital in Kentucky. Their journey went very well; they laid down and slept most of the time, but stopped every two hours to stretch their legs and drink water. They seemed happy upon arrival and were led out of the trailer with some sweet grain into a warm fluffy stall. We just got of the phone with the hospital and they said that Worthy and her mom Indie are doing very well, they are allowing the staff to pet and love on them, they are eating, drinking and looking happy. Even though Worthy looks operable, after taking the radiographs of her legs, the vet said that her condition is severe and her surgery is going to be complicated.

February 25, 2013

We went to Rood And Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky today and met Worthy and Indie for the first time. Worthy is tiny and emaciated, but her spirit fills the entire barn! After meeting at length with the surgeon we learned that Worthy's surgery will be extensive, there are risks and no guarantees, but we all agreed that she deserves a chance. If you could kiss her velvet nose, pet her fluffy little ears and look into her eyes filled with light and hope, you would agree with us! We are going to spend the next few weeks preparing her for the surgery by giving her Sun Chlorella Algae Super food to boost her immune system, plenty of food, clean water and lots of love. The veterinarian will let us know when he thinks she is ready. Because Worthy and Indie were rescued from neglect there is more to address than just Worthy's leg. Their hooves were overgrown and misshapen and their teeth were sharp and pointy making it difficult to eat. It might be part of why they were so thin and malnourished. So we did dentals on both of them and the vet said that they are going to eat so much more now, more comfortably.

April 4, 2013

Worthy cannot have her surgery yet because she has a bacterial infection, caused by stress, that is not going away. To boost their immune system and cheer them up, Jay is taking Worthy and Indie out of quarantine and outside to pasture and freedom now. Once they feel better Worthy will be perfect for surgery. Here they are being led out of the hospital and into the trailer.

Now this is better! Worthy and Indie are so happy and brighter already! In this environment they will heal and be ready for surgery for sure! Good job Jay!

May 1, 2013

Worthy and Indie are cleared of their bacterial infection, have gained weight, have learned to lead on a halter, been socialized, gained strength and are cleared for surgery!

May 7, 2013

Worthy was taken to surgery a few minutes ago, led by her mom, Indie. The surgeon told us it is a major surgery which will take several hours and has many risks but we cannot leave her the way she is; this is the best shot she's got for a long, healthy life. Please keep positive thoughts of her galloping in a green field with a straight leg. We feel so anxious, thanks for being in this with us. We'll update you as soon as she's out.

Worthy's leg is now straight! She just came out of surgery and she walked back to her stall and her awaiting mommy. In two weeks worthy will get her cast off and the surgeon will let us know how it looks. In the meantime Rood and Riddle is managing her pain and Sun Chlorella Super Food Algae is boosting her immune system and warding off infection.

June 4, 2013

Worthy got her cast off for the last time. Her leg is completely straight and looks great. She is wearing a brace and hopefully in the next few days she can go to the healing barn. The surgeon said that it takes about 16 weeks for bone to heal so she will have to stay in a stall, but she will get lots of love and attention there.

June 8, 2013

On the left is how Worthy looked at a year old and the vets wanted to put her down in South Carolina. We took a chance and now look at her leg on the right, it's straight! Go Worthy, go!

Thanksgiving 2012

November 19, 2012

There is a horrible turkey farm where the animals are kept in awful and cramped conditions and people come with their children to select one to be killed and eaten for Thanksgiving. We managed to save one today! We took her straight to our vet to be examined. We await the results and will keep you posted. These babies don't deserve this, if you are making a cruelty free thanksgiving this year, we thank you!!

November 23, 2012

Her name is Claire! Thank you to everyone for all of your support! Claire is sun bathing today and making happy turkey noises and will hopefully be around for us to love and celebrate many more years to come!

Backyard Butcher Rescue

May 7, 2012

Diamond came in from the backyard butcher with such a bad eye infection we thought she might be blind. With great vet care and Sun Chlorella Algae super food her infection went away and she now has a normal, healthy eye! This is Diamond's before and after shot.

As of April 4, 2012

In Southern California there is a backyard butcher who does not feed his animals, does not provide clean water or adequate shelter and does not give medical attention when they are sick or injured. We have been saving dying animals from there for 4 years. This week the backyard butcher was arrested and the animals taken away from him and brought to The Gentle Barn to heal. This is a huge victory in shutting down backyard butchers, protecting animals from their extreme cruelty and preventing the public from buying the tainted meat.

We have just taken in several cows, over 20 goats and sheep, and a horse.The animals are emaciated, malnourished, scared to death, they have infections, open sores, are infested with parasites, their eyes are infected causing blindness, their noses are runny and they have hacking coughs. They have high fevers and the horse has a huge sore on her leg that is infected down to the bone. These animals are very sick and we have a tremendous amount of work to do to save their lives. These are more animals than we have ever taken in at one time, and we can’t do this without you, please support us, we need you now more than ever! Click here to make a donation.

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Emergency Goat Rescue

We just rescued 6 goats from severe abuse and neglect. They are all riddled with lice, parasites and ringworm, have eye infections, are malnourished, emaciated and are terrified of humans. The task of healing their bodies will be great, but of healing their hearts, enormous! We have a lot of work ahead of us to get them healthy, happy and trusting. Any donations are greatly appreciated! Please click here to donate.

Emergency Calf Rescue

At a cattle ranch in California there was a mom and baby calf. The mom died of unknown causes and the baby was found trying to fend for himself. Another mom cow and her baby kind of took him in and adopted him. Then the other mom fell in a ravine and died also, leaving both babies orphaned, the first baby orphaned for the second time!

They are now safely living at The Gentle Barn. We are treating them for a skin fungus and we are teaching them to trust humans.

As usual, we can’t do this without your financial support! Please donate towards their rescue, healing, rehabilitation and care. They have lost their moms, but we can be the village that will raise these babies and show them love!

Emergency Starving Goat Rescue

We found out about a local backyard butcher and went to investigate. The first thing we noticed was the stench. The second thing we noticed was the bathtub of rotten tomatoes which is the only thing the goats and sheep get to eat. The last thing we saw was the emaciated, starving, sick and weak animals who are suffering tremendously. We are working with local authorities to improve conditions but right now we are hitching up our trailer to bring the worst off back to The Gentle Barn to heal them, if we can…

This is going to be grueling and costly, we can’t do this without you! Please click here to donate towards this rescue! Remember to select "Emergency Starving Goat Rescue" when you make the donation. Thank you!

E6 Calf Rescue

Their Story: These four calves were rescued from E6 Cattle company in Texas. When we brought them home they were filthy, emaciated, sick, weak and afraid. It has been weeks and we are still working to get them strong and healthy.


Mercy is the one of the youngest and smallest and was horribly sick when he arrived. With lots of TLC and vet care his fever finally broke and he is now healthy.

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Bob seemed good when he first came in, but the trauma of what he went through finally caught up with him and he is now very sick and weak. The vets believe that he never nursed from his mom and never got colostrums, so he does not have his own immune system. He will probably need antibiotics and intensive care for a while until his body is strong enough.

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Ari was one of the first ones to be sick when he arrived. With round to clock care, love and our wonderful veterinarians, Ari is finally healthy and strong.

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Roy had wracking coughs and high fevers for a long time. We finally got him strong enough to beat it and he is now huge, strong, and eating everything in sight.

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Emergency Cow Rescue

The Gentle Barn rescues two teenage cows and two veal calves. They are thin, malnourished, filthy, terrified, have matted dull coats and empty lifeless eyes. We will nurse them back to health and joy.